Wednesday, 10 December 2008

As If I Didn't Already Love Chocolate

With adverts like this, I love it even more! I've seen these in the cinema and on tv lately, and just had to share. They always make me smile.

Kenny always gets a big tin of these for Christmas, and they don't last long. I get the Bountys (like Mounds) because Kenny doesn't like them. They are my favourites! =)

The rest are all by the same very creative folks at Cadbury, God love 'em.

And here is another version, for us children of the '80s...

and one more (this one unofficial). Because I can't stop laughing.

The latest from the gorilla... and I'm wondering, after seeing all the 'remixes' of these adverts on YouTube, if Cadbury picks the ones they like that fans have 'made', and then uses them for real. That would be very cool, so get creative and you, too, could made a Cadbury advert! =D

Finally, because it is still just classic...

Mmmmm... I love chocolate. =D


Jennie B said...

I still think the ape is my fav, i like both the songs, he has good taste in music.

lol, don't you wish a box of candy could make us all sing and dance like that... i do!

laugh my butt off, your secret word for me to type in is co-rap, tee hee, maybe they meant crap.

Amie Vaughan said...

if we all sang and danced after eating candy, we'd be able to eat more candy because of all the calories we burned singing and dancing... =D

i love the gorilla. he is still just classic.