Thursday, 1 January 2009

Aberdeen Hogmanay: The Facts

Number of hours standing in the cold: 3 1/2

Number of the temperature: 0*C

Number of performers: 3 (Keith Jack, second place finisher in 'Any Dream Will Do'; Sandi Thom, local pop phenom who won fame through her own webcast; and Amy Macdonald, another pop girl I probably should know but don't)

Number of performers I knew: 2 (um, duh... Keith and Sandi)

Number of layers worn: 3 plus my coat and scarf and gloves and hat

Number of people in attendance: tens of thousands

Number of times my camera nearly died from the extreme cold: um... every time?

Number of fights I personally witnessed: 4

Number of people I saw the police and security escort out (or drag out): 28

Number of creepy old men groping me in the crowds: 2

Number of drunk young men (and women) groping me: I lost count

Number of times bumped into, hit with flying elbows, stepped on, etc: how many minutes was I there?

Number of times I held my ground when rude tall people tried to cut in front of me: at least once every ten minutes

Number of times I was nearly puked on: 1 (thank goodness)

Number of drunks in the crowd: thousands and thousands

Number of rows from the front where I wound up: 3

Number of fingers felt by the end: 0

Number of toes felt by the end: 10 (thank you, fleecy Crocs!)

Number of songs sung along with: 8 and bits here and there (from Keith: Any Dream Will Do, This is the Moment, and You Raise Me Up; from Sandi, Chasing Cars courtesy of Snow Patrol, I Wish I Were a Punk Rocker, and What If I'm Right; after the bells tolled, the big crowd sing of Loch Lomond and 500 Miles; and finally, from Amy, Flower of Scotland)

(a bit of Keith...)

(a song from Sandi...)

Number of ears I can hear out of: WHAT? DID YOU SAY SOMETHING? ;)

Number of songs excpected to sing and didn't: 1 (We never sang Auld Lang Syne. Go figure.)

Number of mugs of mulled wine to warm up with by the fire after: 1 big ole honkin' mug

Admittedly, coming back home to an empty flat is kind of sad... but ringing in the New Year in a big way was fantastic. The last New Year I can remember that much fun was... well... I can't even remember. Now THAT is sad.

But no more! One of my New Years Resolutions I started a wee bit early-- this year, I will just do things. I have gotten pretty good at doing things on my own, but this year I will become GREAT at doing them, with people or without. If I want to do it, if I think it could be fun, I'll do it. Travel, cultural experiences, whatever. I'm there. So if you hear of something that shouldn't be missed, let me know. I'll be there! =D

Happy New Year, everyone!


Jennie B said...

Is figh some cultural Scottish thing I haven't learned yet. tee hee.

Sounds like a blast, can't wait til I can start doing those fun things with the kids.

Glad you had fun, plus its about time you started "living" in Scotland, go Nike girl...Just do It.

Amie Vaughan said...

Ha ha, it was LATE when I posted that. One mistype isn't bad. ;)

I wouldn't recommend taking kids to this. Too many drunks, pushing and shoving. Not a place for kids... but something like this would be fun. Eventually. =D

HEY! I've been living, thank you very much. Sheesh. =P

Barb said...

I'm SO glad you went! Sounds like an awesome experience, in spite of the drunks and the cold. I so wish I could have been there with you. I recognized both Keith (I remember watching "Any Dream Will Do" while I was there) and Sandi (got her songs from you, I believe).

Oh, the Texas bluebonnets in late March are something that shouldn't be missed, so let me know when to expect you to arrive. :)

Jennie B said...

Complaining doesnt equal living....bwa ha ha ha!!!


Amie Vaughan said...

I don't complain all the time, sister. I do more stuff than you do.... =P

Barb, I thought you had watched some of Any Dream Will Do, and you probably did get her stuff from me (and I got it from Kenny...).

March, huh? Well, maybe not THIS March, but I'll keep you posted. =D