Sunday, 18 January 2009

Three Words: Fab. U. Lous!

At least, my sister thinks I am. She gave me this. And I'm sure it's for more reason than just because she doesn't read many other blogs she could award this to...

In order to claim this, there are two requirements. First, list five things I am addicted to. That's easy.

1. Coffee: decaf, regular, flavoured, whatever. Anything but instant (although the Waitrose brand I enjoyed daily in London with Lara was not half bad, for instant).

2. Facebook: games, photos, and chatting. I love it, and can't stay away. It's about the only way I keep in touch with anyone these days, and there are folks popping up that I haven't heard from in years! It's amazing. I love it.

3. TV: it's true. I'm a tvaholic. Crime shows, films, US shows, British shows, sci-fi, comedy... whatever it is, I"ll watch it. It's my veg-out time, it keeps me company during meals, it's my best friend. Sadly.

4. Cinema: I haven't been much lately, but I. Love. My. Unlimited. Cinema. Card. In case I haven't mentioned that lately.

5. Crocs: I brought back five pair from my extended US holiday. I wear them every single day. Some styles are more comfortable than others, but heck. I love 'em. I don't care if people think they look stupid. I love them. And my feet are comfy. And warm. And colourful. =D

The second requirement is to pass this along-- to five people. So I hereby declare the following blogs are, likewise, fabulous.

1. Dan and Nancy Erickson
2. Maggie
3. The Holloway Clan
4. Jill, at Learning Something New
5. Amanda, at The Front Lawn

Thanks, Jen!


Barb said...

Five pairs?!?! Oh my word! That's crazy! But I'm glad you have comfy feet.

Oh, and I think you're fabulous too, but since your sis had already nominated you, I decided to go with 5 others. Now we're both fabulous!

Amie Vaughan said...

Well, they are all different styles, at least.... =D

And I think you are fabulous, too, but Jen had already nominated you. The thief.

Jennie B said...

Hey I may not read many blogs, but i only read the best....


Jill said...

Wow, thanks, it is wonderful to be fabulous, guess I'm in with the best....right?

Amie Vaughan said...

Very good company indeed, Jill. Now you just have to post more often! (As if I'm one to talk, ha!)