Monday, 2 February 2009

My Other Favourite Day of the Week

It used to be Thursdays. Now it might be Wednesdays... or another day altogether, I'm not entirely sure yet. But the reason it's my favourite won't change. And the reason is this.

Once a week I get together with my good friends the Beckers. Carrie and Scot are the only people left who started here with me, and over the years I have gotten to watch their boys, Matthew and Adam, grow up (they are six and four now). It has been great to get to know the four of them, and we've had opportunities: over coffee, at our previous years' girl's nights, in book club, at church. But it wasn't until this year that we decided to be more intentional about spending time together. I went to their place with Paige and Kristianna for Thanksgiving, and that was when we got the bright idea to do dinner together every week. It's normally homemade soup and homemade bread, and dessert or wine or something else if I have it to contribute. Carrie is a great cook, so I always look forward to the food... but mostly to the fellowship. We eat, we talk, we enjoy our evening. We've even been known to watch films, or play Uno, or make a Christmas tree (more on that in a minute). It really is a routine I haven't minded falling into, and don't know what I would do now without it. The other gals are invited, too, but so far no one else has taken them up on their hospitality. I won't mind sharing when and if others decide to come along, but... I haven't minded getting the family all to myself, either. =D

Other than dinner at their flat, I have had the chance to do some other things with them, as well. For Carrie's birthday in December, they wound up with extra tickets to the first annual Boot Scootin' Ball here in Aberdeen. Their upstairs neighbour was playing in one of the bands, there was dinner and line dancing, and lots and lots of confederate flags (I'm still not entirely sure why...). So I got to go along, and it was a fun night.

Here's me, in my country attire:
The event was held at the very fancy Beach Ballroom:
It was decked out in country-western style... with both American and Confederate flags, people in cowboy hats and boots, and a bouncy dance floor to help with the stepping. This was a line dancing demo by a professional line dancing group. Who knew?!
The entryway to the ballroom...
Scot and Carrie, taking in the atmosphere:

It was so much fun. I laughed. A lot. And brought home a little rebel flag from the table as a souvenier and a taste of home. I wish I had been able to get good shots of all the flags... there was one, on the stage, that just cracked me up. It was a rebel flag, with a seal in the middle showing a waving rebel flag surrounded with the motto 'The South Will Rise Again'. It was awesome. =D

But that's not the only fun I've had with the Beckers. Their boys are imaginative and smart, and I have a lot of fun with them. They must get that from their mom and dad. Carrie and Scot have done started a very cool tradition for celebrating advent with their family, and I've been lucky to share in it from time to time. Each day, they have a bag filled with advent goodies-- be they chocolate or nativity pieces or suggestions of ways to celebrate. Each person gets to pick out something from the bag, and then follow the directions/decorate with the item/share the chocolate. It is very cool, and a tradition I'm going to have to take with me. Since flats are small and trees can be expensive, my friends have gotten creative in years' past. For instance, they have liberated the branches trimmed from the large outdoor tree the pub in their block puts up in order to make their own makeshift tree. This year, Carrie had a brainstorm, and we worked on it after the kids were in bed. It turned out very cool, if I do say so myself. Who knew green wire and a broomstick could make a wonderful Christmas tree?

And finally, a picture that really does say a thousand words about these boys-- catches their personalities brilliantly.

So whatever the day, dinner with my friends is my other favourite day of the week. Thanks, Beckers, for letting me be a part of your family. I love y'all! =D


Barb said...

Aww, I miss the Beckers. That's a fun Christmas tree - very cool! And that pic of the boys is great! Matthew doesn't even look the same, though Adam still has that mischievious grin. What cuties! Tell them hi for me when you see them again.

Jennie B said...

WOW, those kids have grown up from when I met them back in the day when I traveled without kids myself.

I'm confused on the advent thing though, could you give more examples?

Glad you have one day of the week to kick back and enjoy yourself, breaking the monotany of studing.