Thursday, 12 February 2009

What To Post?!

I have been debating for a while, trying to come up with the perfect post for this-- my 100th. And I came up with... nothing. Which is why I haven't updated this in more than a week now. Instead, I decided to turn it over to the visitor I've been hosting for two weeks-- Flat Stanley.

Let me introduce you. One morning a couple of weeks ago, I was greeted by a brown manilla envelope in my letterbox. When I opened it, out popped this very happy little man. He introduced himself to me as Flat Stanley (thanks to an incident with a bullitin board, if I remember right). He had come from Texas, at a suggestion by my friend Barb to her young friend Abigail. I was surprised and very pleased to have company, and to show him around my city-- Aberdeen-- and my adopted country-- Scotland!! So, without further ado, I give you... Flat Stanley.

Hi everyone! I'm Flat Stanley. I've been having a great visit here in Scotland, and I'd love to tell you a little bit about it...

This is me, re-enacting my arrival at Amie's place on King Street. When I first arrived, I was securely wrapped up in an envelope... so this is just for fun. Because I thought this was a cool way to get the post. More exciting than just a plain old mailbox, anyway.

Along with my new friend Amie, I've been getting to know the locals. This is Dillinger, but his friends call him Dillon. Amie calls him Dill-Weed. He's a bit of a handful, but we get along just fine. Until he steals my seat on the sofa, that is. When I leave, I'll fly out from a post box much like this. So I guess you could say this is my airport. I like the red. Makes a change from the boxy blue ones I'm used to.
One of the places I've spent most of my visit has been with Amie on the campus of the University of Aberdeen. She's a student, and she works there-- taking notes for students with disabilities. I've learned some interesting things about Scottish law, helping her take notes. Anyway, we've also been lucky (?!) enough to get snow while I've been here. This is me, looking over the playing fields at King's College, just off University Road.
This is Powis Gate, and is also on the campus. There's a gold star for the first person who can name the Biblical character I am imitating. =D There is a nice coffee shop through these gates, where Amie has taken me to meet some of her friends. I hear there is a nice bear, Inca John, who is well-traveled like me. I haven't met him yet, but I hope to tomorrow when we come back for coffee again....
It was cold, but I braved it, even without a coat or hat, to play in the snow a little. From what Amie tells me, Aberdeen doesn't usually get snow, and even rarely this much. I prefer it to the rain that I hear is more typical.
I'm thinking about applying here, so we stopped in to registry. There was a long line, though, so we didn't stay.
Here I am, chillin' on campus. Literally. That's the King's College Chapel behind us, with the crown on top. It's one of the most-recognised buildings in Scotland. Pretty cool, huh?
Here it is again, the King's College crown. I'm standing under the arches of Elphinstone Hall, to get out of the snow for a bit.
This week, I got a special treat. I wasn't expecting to get out of Aberdeen on this visit (which is okay-- there's a lot to see here), but Kenny was going to Glasgow for a day and offered to take me along! He was a wonderful host and traveling buddy. We caught the train early, and had a nice Scottish snack along the way-- tea, of course. Hot.

We arrived and departed from the main station in Glasgow... where things are not just written in English, but are also written in Gaelic! I couldn't even begin to pronounce that....

We stopped in at the Tourist Information Centre, in George Square. It is one of the most famous places in Glasgow-- the Square, not the Centre. It is a large square full of statues to famous Scots. Very cool.
This is Amie's favourite picture, and while it's cool, it didn't mean quite as much to me. At first. That blue box is an old fashioned police call box, that people could use if they needed the police. But what makes it special to Amie is that it is also known as the Tardis, and is the home and transportation for the Doctor. Once she showed me an episode of Doctor Who (a classic British sci-fi show that is in its fifth season of the 'new' version), I understood much better why Kenny suggested this photo.
There are kiltmakers in every city and town, because men really do wear them! I'm still hoping to get my picture with a man in a kilt, but for now, the store will have to do.
We stopped here at the Royal Concert Hall, but we didn't get to hear anyone. We only had a short visit, after all.
Since my day in Glasgow, I've gotten to do a bit more with Amie. It hasn't really stopped snowing, and it sure has been cold! But don't worry, Amie's been taking good care of me. I've travelled in warmth and relative comfort....

Aberdeen is right on the coast of the North Sea, but even so, it was very strange to see the beach covered with snow. In the distance there you can see the harbour and the lighthouses... but not well. They are still a bit far.
While at the beach, we took in a film at the cinema. Amie tells me this is like her second home, so she had to bring me here at least once.

I have gotten to do some more things, and I have plenty more photos... but for now, I'll say good night. Tomorrow we're planning to go into the city centre, and who knows where else?! Footdee... the Harbour... Torry Battery... I'll let you know! If anyone has any suggestions of things I shouldn't miss while I'm here, let me know! I'm sure Amie would be agreeable. She's a great host. Thanks, Barb, for suggesting sending me here-- and thanks, Abigail, for sending me! I'm having a great time, and will be excited to come back and tell you and Ms. Suzy's class all about it! Tell everyone hi for me! See you soon!


Flat Stanley


Barb said...

Fabulous! Girl, you are so creative. I left you a couple of longer comments on facebook, not realizing this was on your blog as well. I'm going to call Abigail and tell her to read this straight away.

Genny said...

Hi Amie,

This is Abigail. It looks like Flat Stanley is having a great time. I can't believe all the places he has been. My sister says she wants to color a Flat Stanley and send it to you. (She's 16 years old!) Thanks for taking him around Scotland. It was so cool to see something I colored traveling around a country that I have never been in. Thank you for writing about him so I could see.

Genny said...

What a fabulous post! You have been more than accommodating to Flat Stanley. He is going to have a hard time returning to the States, I would imagine. This will be such a treasure to Ms. Suzy's class when he returns. Blessings, and thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amie,

This is Miss Suzy (Abigail's teacher). What a wonderful trip Stanley has had so far! Thank you for being such a great hostess. I can't wait to read to Abigail's class about his travels around Scotland. Many blessings to you!!

Amie Vaughan said...

Hi y'all!

I have had a fabulous time with Flat Stanley, and will be sad to see him go. I think I'll need to find a little someone to start taking places with me... so Abigail, tell your sister I'd be glad to take her Flat Stanley around as well. ;) I have taken loads of pictures, so if it's okay, I'll just send them back on a cd... and make notes about where and what they are. =D Barb, I would love to get to Slains or Dunnottar, but it's the snow that I'm worried about. I don't really want to do those cliffs if they're slippery... but we'll see. I don't want to keep Stanley here too long....

Flat Stanley says hi. We're heading out for coffee, and then maybe for some more sightseeing. =D

Barb said...

Amie, please DON'T slip down the cliffs at Slain's or Dunnottar. That would be BAD!!!

Poor Flat Stanley's gonna be depressed when he visits me at SWBTS after having such a fabulous time in Scotland. It will be like my return to reality, only two years later.

Jennie B said...

LOL, What a fun post. :) Glad you had a visitor for a bit to keep you chummy.

Mrs4444 said...

Looks like you and F.S. had way too much fun!! :)