Sunday, 6 December 2009

Best. Night. EVER!

Okay.  So perhaps that is an exaggeration.  But I would definitely class it in the Top Five.
U2.  Croke Park.  25 July 2009.

Oh, baby.

Words just do not do justice to this night.  Seriously.  It. Was. Awesome!

We had tickets on the pitch, and got there fairly early.  After a long hunt (back, and forth, and around and around) to buy t-shirts, we finally got settled and headed as close to the stage as we could.  We got darn close, too!  The opening band's opening band, Ministry of Loose, was rubbish.  Apologies to anyone who likes them, but dang.  Their appearance, their stage presence, and their music was at worst boring and at most rubbish.  The opening band, however, was Kaiser Chiefs, and they were good.  I like them.  But honestly, I couldn't be bothered-- I just wanted U know who!

Finally, finally, FINALLY it was time.  And it was worth the wait.  Not just the wait that night, but the 34 year wait.  Yes, this was my first U2 concert.  And, as long as they keep touring, it won't be my last.  A. Maze.  Ing.

Because pictures really are worth a thousand words, I'll just let me photos largely speak for themselves.  I'll only comment if it needs explanation. 

Paige's brand-new rock star shoes...

Where are we going?  Oh, yeah.  U2. 

Overlooking Croke Park... which is special to me for two reasons:  rugby, and U2. 

The view behind us, and then in front of us.  Oh yes.  The entire time.  My tippie-toes were killing me by the end of it. 


Anonymous said...

I saw them on October 3, and it was without a doubt the best concert I've ever seen. Our opening act was Muse, and they were amazing, but, as the drunk guy said to me on the way out, U2 was "a spiritual experience, man!"

So jealous that you got to be so close to them! It was amazing, and I will be seeing them again, oh, yes I will!


Jennie B said...


Jennie B said...

I want a pair of those shoes...

and I want to see MUSE!

Amie Vaughan said...

i know, right? va, i would have been happier to have seen muse. or snow patrol. but kaiser chiefs were okay. next time we should go together.

jen, you totally should have seen them at soldier field. with snow patrol. *sigh* they are coming back next year... book now! =D