Sunday, 14 March 2010

New Addition

Kenny came home from work one day a couple of weeks ago and said, 'We'll have a new addition to the family on Wednesday.' My first thought:

Dear Lord, please not another cat!
They always expect treats or fancy food whenever I get up and go into the kitchen.  Silly kitties... treats are for me!

Anyway.  It wasn't a new cat.  And thank goodness, because instead of one new addition we got two!  Can you tell what they are?  If you've been to my flat before, you probably can...
If you said 'recliner' and 'tv stand', you'd be right!  Except that it's more of a tv accessory stand, since our awesome flatscreen is now mounted on the wall and doesn't need a stand.  But either way, you'd be right if those are the things you spotted.

The recliner is very, very comfy.  I've tried it out quite a few times--for napping, for reading, for tv watching.  So far, it works for all of those.  And I love the tv stand, where each box has its own shelf.  Things don't overheat nearly so bad now.  And Kenny bought a faux leather box for me to put all my gaming stuff in, so it's not just out or needing to be packed away.   Yay! 

Now if only we had baseboards.... =D

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Jennie B said...

Niiiice! Recliners are seats from the gods. Hahahah.