Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cozy Changes

I don't think I've shared this here yet... although it did feature on my photo-a-day blog.  I rearranged my room a wee while ago, and it makes me happy.  It took some muscle, and some measuring, and some music--because everything goes better with music, of course. 

Having small rooms here in the UK is not just my problem, but is an issue in most flats/apartments/houses that I know of.  I've long had a loft bed, in order to have room for a desk and chests of drawers... but where to put my books?  Kenny gave me one bookshelf, and when Paige moved, I inherited another.  It took me a while, but I finally found places for them that I actually like. 
In case you can't actually tell, that grey bar is the head of my bed... my loft bed.  So the bookshelf is sitting on boxes and boxes of... well... stuff.  Nearly six years' worth of stuff accumulated.  How does that happen?!  Oh well... it's coming in handy now.  ;)
I have shifted things just a little since I first organised and took photos... my iPod alarm clock is now on the top of my wardrobe, and my other little fm digital alarm clock is in it's place.  It was too hard to get to the iPod one when I wasn't in my bed if I wanted to listen to it without earphones.  And I'm way too lazy to climb up and down just for that.  Besides, the ladder has to be moved around in order to have room to turn around... but that's another story. 
This is the other bookshelf, the one from Kenny, on top of my wardrobe.  See where the water bottle is, there to the left?  That's where the iPod alarm clock is now.  Along with the phone.  And all those boxes, which are full of Christmas decorations and other stuff I need to get to from time to time. 
It's like my own private little retreat up there!  And these guys keep me company. 

It just makes it feel so homey and cozy, sitting up in my bed, propped up on pillows and snuggled under the duvet, with a hot drink and a book-- and all my books (the to-be-read ones;  the already-read have to be packed up.  No room.) right at hand.  I. Love. It.  I even hosted a couple of girls the other night, and we sat up there talking for ages (so as not to disturb Kenny's tv watching from his recliner).  It's lovely.  Come see for yourself! =D


Barb said...

It looks very homey. Glad you enjoy it. And maybe someday I'll be able to get back over there and see it for myself.

Mrs4444 said...

Very cozy :) I like it.

P.S. Those sing-a-longs sound SO fun!! Did you ever go to one?

Jennie B said...

Niiiice a lot more organized since the last time I was there. :). You gonna come help reorganize our house so it will sell.

Amie Vaughan said...

barb, i would love you to come see it in person. and meet the rest of the girls.

mrs4444, i haven't been... but my flatmate has. he loves them. when i have more money, i'll try to go.

jen, are you gonna finish my thesis, and buy my ticket? cos in that case, yes. =D