Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Friendly Blog Plug

If you've ever lived abroad and moved back 'home' again;

if you've ever been married to a nerd highly educated person, or are one yourself;

if you've ever had wee ones, or simply love others' wee ones;

if you've ever worked;

if you've ever enjoyed reading things that are well-written, well-thought out;

if you've ever had a dream or a gift or a hobby...

then you should check out my friend Becky's blog

The Holloways were in Aberdeen for two years while Trey earned his second PhD, where I got to know Becky through book club.  They are now new homeowners in the City of Brotherly Love (thereabouts), with three adorable wee ones.  And Becky is a writer.  I mean that in the best possible way.  She herself says she has a novel in her, if she can just find the time to write it, and her blog is always a pleasure to read.  She's witty and insightful and just plain good at communicating. 

And, in case you need a little incentive, right now she's running a contest.  I'm pretty sure that even if you go there just to enter, you'll be back.  =)

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