Thursday, 13 May 2010

Party Like It's 2010... Oh, Wait...

So I had lots of my friends from different circles (uni, church, etc) and different eras (as long as I've been here, in the past year, etcd) to my flat for eating and laughing and goofing off on Sunday.  It was a good day.  I made Laurie's bean dip, Kayla's cream cheese salsa dip, ranch dip with veggies, raspberry choco streussel bars, Legend's fruit tea, and birthday cake balls (I had to neuter about a dozen and a half, poor cakes.  But their sacrifice was duly appreciated by the guests at my party).  I'll let the pictures tell the story, with a wee bit of commentary from me.  =)
(they might not have eaten the cake balls if they'd seen these photos first...)
the fridge stocked:
Becker boys, Scot and RitaBekah
what the boys did the whole time, and didn't share:
Liz and Jay, caught in the act.  Of what, I'm not sure.
Aleithia.  Classy. 
Which came first?  Looks like neither one is doing very well... considering they were supposed to be going straight off the edge to the right of the photo. 
Natalie and Noelle, vying for the win!
And the mystery parcel-- revealed this!  Not busted yet.  Needs a neater garden and less rainy day.
That's it.  I'm officially olde now.  Yay! 


Barb said...

You're not old! Looks like a fun day to celebrate Amie. Wish I had been there to show those Becker boys how Monkey Ball should be played. :)

Amie Vaughan said...

i know. you could totaly teach them a thing or two. and i wish you'd been here, as well! =D