Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spring's Done Sprung

It's been a weird spring here in blooming times, because of our very long and snowy winter.  So things have not come up in the right order, or they aren't staying around as long as usual, or they are just plain late (and are going to get blown away in winds this weekend, they say).  But I have taken a couple of advantages of pretty afternoons to take some photos around campus and on my way to and from different places (largely along King Street).  And now, to quote Philip Scoffield, 'I'm about to be given the results... *touches forefinger to earpiece*... in no particular order...": 

If I get any other good shots after I post this, I'll just make another post.  Maybe I'll check out Seaton Park on Monday, or Union Square Gardens at some point.  We'll see.  =)

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Barb said...

Yes, spring has sprung - and it's gorgeous!