Thursday, 17 June 2010


I've had writer's block, knowing this was a milestone post.  200 posts!  That's not too shabby.  Already more posts this year than all of last year.  That's both great and sad, depending on your point of view. 

Since it's a big one, I decided I'd use this opportunity to ask for some help, and do a contest!  The prize will be negotiated with the winner, but it will be something Scottish.  Cos I live in Scotland, of course.  So think about what you want-- cadburys? cheesy t-shirt? digestives? marmalade? tartan scarf? If you win, we'll talk.  =)

Here's what I need.  I need an Inca John.  I need a Flat Stanley.  I need a travel buddy. 

I have a couple of options, and I'd like to put it to a vote.  I also might need a name.  So there will be two parts to this contest-- the first to vote on my travel buddy, which winner will be chosen randomly from all the entrants, and the second one to name him or her.  That one will be merit-based, and my decision will be final.  I hope you can deal with that.  =)

So here are the contestants.  Voting starts immediately, and ends on Saturday at noon EST (which is five pm for me, in case you're wondering).  After the lucky companion is chosen, then I'll post a new contest to name him or her!  Yippee!  I'm so excited! 

Number One: Woody

So Woody already has a name.  He actually talks, too.  No string, you just whack him.  I do love cowboys. 

Number Two: fuzzy bear

Boy or girl? I don't know.  Lots of room to develop personality, I guess. 

Number Three: moose

A gift from Jen and Saum when they were on holiday in Maine a few years ago.  I just think s/he's cute. 

Number Four: Fairtrade Christmas gift boy

Paige got me this wee loon for Christmas because I had been talking about needing a companion.  He's not been with me, or earned a name yet.  This could be the time. 

Number Five: sonic screwdriver

I realise this one could be tricky, but I've liked the idea of a Doctor-themed companion for ages.  Or would I be the Doctor's companion?  Either way.  It's an option. 

I have to have a buddy picked by Saturday so they can accompany me to Glasgow to see Paul McCartney on Sunday.  I mean, what better way to start our travel relationship?! 


Barb said...

After all that and no comments?! Is this the only place you're accepting suggestions/votes? Hmm... I may have an advantage here. ;)

Okay, I was originally against the moose and bear because they're rather larger than the others, but that could actually be an advantage because they could serve as a pillow as well. However, they might be difficult to pack at times. The Christmas boy would be my other choice, but he seems a bit too much like Inca John, if you want to be unique.

Given all of that, I'd go with the moose - he's really cute, looks cuddly, and could be pillow material.

Now for a name. Hmm, I think it needs a Scottish feel to it. How about Amoos MacGregor? I may come back with more thoughts, but that's my initial idea.

Jennie B said...

I'm torn between the moose and the sonic screwdriver!

The moose would be fun!

The sonic screwdriver would be fun! Imagine using you sonic screwdriver to tweak the Eiffel tower? Or other fun things like that.

But stagin your photos would def be easier with the moose.

tammiemg said...

I like the moose too - and the sonic screwdriver but honestly have to go with Mooseman b/c (I've been considering this) the sonic screwdriver is just too, well, gotta be honest and forthright here, too phallic. (there, I've said it in print - sorry if I hurt any feelings)
Then, I agree with Jenn and Barb - the moose could be easier to pose (the sonic screwdriver does not lend itself to anthropomorphic poses even though it resembles a particular body part) it doesn't have the cute and cuddly edge and it is not an Inca John wannabe like Fairtrade boy. Besides, I think Mooseman will lend himself to conversation starters with people interested in seeing his picture being taken, even if he is larger than the average Flat Stanley (I'll have to private message you about your availability to host a FS from NJ)
And, yes, I go with Mooseman for the name though I do think Amoose McGregor is cute too.
Regardless, have fun w. Paul!

Amie V said...

wow. i didn't expect the moose to win. he was more of a wild card, but i guess he's popular. there are a couple more hours to go, but i'm betting you three will be my only entries. we'll see.

tammie, you said phallic. hahahaha. no really. i would have loved to have a doctor-themed companion, so when i got the screwdriver for my birthday it had to go into the mix. although i had thought finding a light and squishy tardis would have been better. ;)

barb, the moose is big. and i have the squishy pillow and my bear who now go with me everywhere, but... oh well. at least the moose is squishy so that he can fit into small travel spaces. i don't really care about being unique, and inca john is a bear, so... the loon would have worked.

so. moose is nearly unanimoose with two and a bit hours to go. ;)

tammiemg said...

Yes, I said phallic. I taught biology in NJ public schools. I am a trained professional. I can deal with it when the class giggles at hearing the word used. That is why I could write it and understand your uncontrollable urge to giggle as well.

Furthermore, I understand the desire to incorporate the Dr. Who device and don't blame you - but its phallic image is only enhanced by the fact that River Song asked the Dr. to "sonic" her with said device. The innuendo cannot be ignored and would forever mar my images of it being used in photos appearing in your sweet blog.

I am happy the moose won. Thus ends my public service announcement.