Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Captain Jack is Back, Baby!

Who, you ask? If your first thought was of Johnny Depp, then you have good taste... but no, I am not talking about Jack Sparrow. I mean the OTHER Captain Jack... Harkness! Friend of the Doctor, loved by and lover of all, leader of the Torchwood team... and if you have no idea what I am talking about, I pity you. Seriously.

Tonight was the first episode of season two of Torchwood. It even did so well last year, it's now on BBC2 at 9pm-- up from BBC3 at 10pm. And boy, did it start out with a *Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang* as promised by its title! This year they are going for a little more comedy, a little less dark and edgy, perhaps, but nonetheless it's just what I expected from Torchwood. (For those of you not in the know, you really should check it out-- we do some great shows here in the UK, as well! Torchwood is a spin-off for adults from the cult classic Doctor Who, which was recently revived and will be soon starting its fourth season. They are alien, time-travel, sci-fi adventures, and it doesn't get much better than this! Pretty much the best of this kind of TV since the X-Files left our airwaves, in my opinion. Check 'em out, really!) I have been waiting for this season for more than a year now (and we didn't even have a writers' strike!), and although I knew that it was good stuff and I really liked it, I had practically forgotten how great it really is... until today! I love the stories, with the aliens and the conspiracies and all, of course-- what's not to love? But I had forgotten how fabulous the team is on this show. They each have their specialty on the team (gadgets, medic, what have you) and their own distinct personalities... and when you get them all together, it is explosive! And not always in a positive way, ha! Ach, I love it! My Wednesday nights are looking up now, yessirree!

Okay, commercial over. Back to work! =)


Jennie B said...

OMG! I have been waiting all day. I just started downloading around 9 pm my time, of course there are NO seeds so I hopefully will get it in by tomorrow! I still say if this is a boy we should call him Ianto Harkniss Balazadeh. :)

I can't wait!!! Has Martha shown up yet? OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I can't wait!

Masimba said...

Well what can I say, its been a delay of about ten days but I sure am glad that the capt. is back. I had to watch the premier on delay since I wasn't quite caught up but boy I am glad that I am and that I've watched S2 ep1. Good stuff. I can't wait to watch all they have in store for us!!!