Sunday, 27 January 2008

My Celebrity Crush

Considering I'm such a TV addict and cinemaholic, it's bound to happen from time to time. I blame this one on my sister.... Michael Rosenbaum.

My sister has been talking about this guy for about five years now, so really it's her fault I know who he is at all. The first thing I saw him in, at her insistence, was the film *Sorority Boys*-- and he makes a surprisingly pretty girl, in case you were wondering. =) It wasn't a film that was ever going to win any awards, but if you like stupid college humour, then give it a go. I thought it was quite funny, and he apparently has a flair for comedy. Mostly, though, he's know for being the best bad guy around, the one we can't help but hope he'll overcome his demons and become a good guy... he is, of course, Lex Luthor on *Smallville*.

This show has become one of my favourites. I was interested in the show from the beginning-- what's not to like about the premise of seeing the teenage years of a superhero? And I've always been a big Superman fan, growing up with the original films and all. But where I was living at the time, I didn't get the WB... and once I did, I decided I'd wait to see the show from the beginning (even if that meant renting it on DVD eventually) rather than jump into the middle somewhere. I am so glad I did! Last winter, ITV2 started showing it-- from the beginning!-- three nights a week. I was so excited, and was immediately hooked. They showed the first two seasons then, and are back this year with season three-- this time five nights a week! I think this has something to do with my crush, actually... I watch this show more than (almost) any other. I hear that soon it'll turn into *The OC* or *Peyton's Place*, with the focus on sex and not on story... but I've also been told that it gets better if I stick it out. I don't know how many episodes or seasons they are showing this winter, but I'll keep watching as long as it's on. I'm hooked!

Considering I know next to nothing about the guy himself, most of my celebrity crush comes from his portrayal of Lex, I'm sure. He is, for me, the most interesting character on the show in the same way that Snape is the most interesting character in *Harry Potter*. Is it the girl in me that likes the good-looking bad boy? Or the ordinary human who loves getting caught up in the comic-book world? Or the theologian in me that wants him to find redemption? Probably a bit of all three, I'm sure... but I think most of it is the *Snape factor*, as I think of it. He's not a monster, he's not evil, he's not even bad all the time. He's got the deck stacked against him in many ways, and yet he tries to overcome his family, his past, his own faults and tendencies. I have to cheer for him, to hope for him to keep fighting, to long to see him become, in the end, a good guy. Of course, I've seen the films-- I know that he doesn't stay as good as he is now (in season three, remember). He becomes the sworn enemy of Clark/Superman, a criminal genius. And yet... there is always hope for reconciliation, for redemption, for grace. Is it too much to want that, even for Lex?

So, there you have it: proof in writing of what a dork I am. =) Now all I have to do is move to Hollywood.... Ha!


Jennie B said...

I have to say that show produces to of the best looking superhero/villians out there. There is something about Tom Welling as well. BUT, I love Adina, darn it, I mean Lex. So you could have chosen a worse crush...and you doubted Sorority Boys when I told you about it. LMAO! What a great movie, I am going to have to go buy it.

Barb Isbell said...

Yeah, you have a blog!!! I'm so excited! I'll have to link to it so that I can check it daily when I check all my others. That means you have to update it often so that I'll have something new to read! =) So glad you're now in "blogland"!