Friday, 1 February 2008

Where Does the Time Go?!

Wow, this resolution is turning out to be harder work than I thought! I can't believe it's Friday already... and five days since my last post. It feels like yesterday!

Is it just because I'm getting older that the time seems to pass so much quicker? I am getting older, after all. Or is there more to it? Like, I don't know... maybe I'm having so much fun? No, that's not it. It's January in Aberdeen, and I'm not done with my thesis. Okay, perhaps it's because I'm so busy all the time. Not exactly... I work on my thesis, but sitting on my bum in front of a book or a laptop isn't exactly *keeping busy* in order to make time fly. What about because there is so much to do? Yup, that one fits-- I feel like no matter how much I do, there is four times less time left to do the rest in. Time is going very disproportionately. That's just so unfair.

What kind of things make time go slower? I need to add some of those to my life. I know! Waiting for something exciting to happen-- like looking forward to a holiday, or visitors coming (hint hint, folks!). Normally January, and winter in general here feels really slow, so that's no help (or not enough help, I guess). Having nothing exciting to do also makes time go slower, but that seems like a contradiction with my first thing. Nevermind, it still does... except in my case just now, I guess. Usually having a paper to write makes time drag... but I guess I'm feeling the pressure to be done by a certain time (which is too quickly approaching... hence my problem). I need a time-turner-- where is McGonagall when you need her!

Something to make me not quite so brain-dead would be nice, too... but I can't have everything. =) Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more like tackling something serious, or at least less rambling!


Jennie B said...

Well I think waiting on May 16 to arrive is a good thing. :) Of course that puts pressure on your thesis, I know. But still exciting. Or how about waiting for March 31 to arrive, another important day. LOL. Not really, I could pass it over. Hmph, well May 5 won't be a big deal this year, I mean come on 33? I got it. Why not wait until Doctor Who starts up? It seemed like forever just getting to the Christmas episode, and while Torchwood is great, still not the same. I guess I am not much help. I wish I could come over and help slow things up a bit but I am sure that would also eliminate any work done on the thesis, defeating the purpose. :)

Barb said...

I agree with your sis - having visitors right now would definitely NOT help the thesis get finished. Though I understand about the time issue. It just seems to get away from you when you have things you must accomplish, and it flies when you're doing something unique or exciting (like, say, 6 months in Aberdeen). Let me know if you figure out a way to make time go the way you want it, or if you're able to find that timeturner.

Jennifer said...

Is it because were getting older the time is going quicker? I thought it was because I ahve so many kids, LOL.

You and I are on the opposit sides of the clock wishing. You want it to slow down, and while I do want it to slow down, I want the next 15 weeks to hurry up :)

Sorry I haven't left a comment on your blog until now - it all has to di with how fast the time is flying by - and 7 kids and just no time on the computer.

Masimba Tyrranus said...

Time going fast. It's interesting. Just the other day, I couldn't wait for time to catch up with my need to start being a student again already, and then the audit at work came and when its crunch time and I know tomorrow will be a twelve hour day at the least, I have to agree with you. where does the time go? The time in an hour, a morning, a day, a weekend really. Does my touch of the Monday blues show already? There is so much to be done. I feel for you. There is one thing that I do that always seems to make the time go slower for me, and that is thinking about the leisurely reprieve waiting upon the completion of whatever task you are running out of time to do. Works every time. Just for a for-instance, this week is going to be filled with crazy-paced work. If I feel like the day is ending before I get to do any of the work I need to do I think of how far away my weekend is from now. Time always slows down. I may not be making much sense. Indeed all I may be doing is proving the point that some have made that I am in fact insane. Either way, here's my two cents...I seem to be short another three...