Thursday, 28 February 2008

Cheaters Never Prosper... Or Do They?

Thanks to my sister and Barb (both of whom have watched in the past, and I am assuming they are watching this year), I've been keeping up with American Idol. I am not typically a fan of reality tv, but I make a few exceptions (this, kind of, Dancing on Ice, and Strictly Come Dancing). This year, however, I am very annoyed with them. There has always been talk about it being rigged, and I could kind of see that last year in the finale (the girl who fit the profile won, rather than the guy who was original and different). But never before have I heard of things being as bad as this:

There are three people (at least!) in the top 20 who have had worked professionally as singers. One girl put out a highly hyped album that bombed. One guy was in a pop group that toured with Britney Spears. Another guy has been performing professionally in an acapella group for more than five years. Seriously.

How, I ask, is this fair? Isn't the premise of American Idol about finding the next great music star from the unknown masses? Giving a shot to people who wouldn't get one otherwise, who don't have the finances or the contacts or the other things that help so much in breaking into the business? Did the judges not know their backgrounds when they put them through, and if not, how could that not come out? Does this prove that the contest is rigged? Does it spell the end for AI, as more and more failed professionals will start turning out to jump-start their comebacks? And if one of them wins, what will that say about playing by the rules?

Cheaters never prosper... or at least I hope not. I guess time will tell... but this is who I think should win. And I'm pretty sure I'm not changing my mind--especially after this!


Barb said...

Amie, I haven't watched much this year. Too busy working on James. =( But I did turn it on long enough to see this particular performance earlier this week, and I agree, it was pretty darn good (how's that for southern talk!). As for the cheating, I haven't really heard much, but I'm sure I will as the season goes on. I'm sure I'll watch more later in the season, but it doesn't have the same appeal as last year (a taste of home in a foreign country). For now, if I was a voter, I'd vote for that guy (can't remember his name).

Jennie B said...

This season does seem to be all out of wack! I like the idea of getting back to the vocals and music, but I think having so many "pros" is a bit unnerving. In the past there have been contestants in bands and what not (Latoya Jackson had her own garage band and played at weddings, Constantine had his own band as well and played gigs in NY) but they weren't touring with big names, or having contracts.

However, this little David Achuleta is amazing. By far my shining star this year and IF America truly wants an idol I think we will choose the unknown and most talented. LOL, him! For 17 he is just a great sincere guy and damn can he sing it! I look forward to his performances each week!

Amie Vaughan said...

So then do you think that Luke guy in the acapella band should be classed with the cheaters? They have traveled internationally, so they are obviously getting paid for it (or are all independently wealthy, lol)... but do you class him with the other two cheaters, or with the past folks you mentioned? Paid amateur is different from professional... where does he fall for you?

Jennie B said...

I guess if they were totally an amateur group maybe, I would classify them with the other previous amateur talent, but I'm not sure, I haven't heard enough about his group to know what they are lol.

maggie226 said...

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