Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dancing On Ice

I just have to say that, all of you who don't live here in the UK, you are missing out on some great winter TV watching! =)

We here are the originators of the celebrity-paired-with-professional competition show, most notably Strictly Come Dancing (which y'all probably know as Dancing With the Stars). We just finished, at Christmas, the fifth series-- and of course it was fabulous. But I must admit, as much as I love Strictly, I love this one more!

Dancing On Ice is just what is sounds like-- celebrities paired with professional ice skaters, who have to learn not just the turns and lifts and dance moves, but to do it all on skates! This is the third season I've watched, and it is amazing to watch their progress. I don't mean to say that it isn't difficult to learn ballroom... but the thought of doing all this on the ice makes me even more impressed with these celebs. It would scare me to death to get out there... I know I'd break my tailbone or bust my head or something equally painful! Still, when I have some extra cash, I am going to check into some basic skating lessons down at the rink by the beach... I'm inspired, and it looks like so much fun! =)

Coincidentally, one of our celebrities is the host of the show *Phenomenon*... although since it's an NBC show, I have no idea what that is. ;)

Anyway, that's my random thought for the day. I am such a TV addict... but I love it!


Jennie B said...

Hmmm. I remember we tried that here and it fizzled I guess, as I haven't heard about it since. Too bad. Phenomenon? Is that the magic show that had a weeklong running here??? I think they had that before one of our holidays...but I could be wrong.

Jennie B said...

Totally OT, well sorta on topic as its about TV, but everytime I see your title I think of that show called "tru calling" which was about this chick who worked in a morg and could go back in time and save people... We really enjoyed it but they canceled it I guess. So anyway, Tru Aim, Would you go back in time and correct peoples viewpoints? Or help them hit their targets? Or totally adjust their "aim" and figure the perfect future they should shoot for???