Monday, 31 March 2008

A Big Day

Today is my li'l sister's birthday. It's a big one, an important one, and it's making me feel old to have a sister as old as I do. I was going to write a big long embarrassing post all about Jen... but decided she might kill me. So I'll do that another time, when she's not expecting it. For today, I'll just say, Happy Birthday, sis! Have a great day, celebrate like crazy, and don't even THINK about acting your age!

Now everyone go visit her here. If we all go, it'll be like a cyber-party! =)

And just to embarrass her a little bit....

Seattle... well, Everett, actually

Port St. Lucie, Florida... or somewhere close by there

Inverness, we think... Saum got us lost ;)

In a Scottish pub

Hiding on Orkney

She's gonna kill me for this one....
On the train in to Chicago

At the same place she was kissing the totem
Looking good in Inverness
Looking great on Loch Ness


Somewhere in Montana? Wyoming? Um..... ?

Whack! Somewhere between Seattle and Valparaiso

Awwww.... In my flat!
Awww.... Yeah, I'm really trying to make up for that one earlier. ;)

Happy Birthday, Sister!


Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

That's what sisters are for, right!? I'll go say Good Morning and Happy Birthday now...

Jennifer said...

I forgot to come and tell you were tagged, LOL. I was expecting a comment from Jennie on here about all the pictures, LOL.

Jennie B said...

MEAN! Those are mean pictures. Or else I am just one ugly gal. :)

Thanks for the bday blog!