Saturday, 8 March 2008

A Photo Tribute for Women's Day

These are just some of the amazing women in my life... and I am so blessed by you all! For those of you who aren't pictured here, it's only because I don't have photos of you. Thanks for all you are, and all you do!


Jennie B said...

WHY OH WHY would you put that busty whale photo of me on your blog. MEAN!

Masimba Tyrranus said...

Such strength, such poise. The elegance is truly astonishing. And no, I am not being facetious. Really, for all the women everywhere, this is one man-boy/child who knows just how lucky we are to have you.

Amie Vaughan said...

I like that photo, Jen... I think we look cute. And it reminds me of good times. =)

Thanks, Masimba. You're cheesy, but you're sweet. ;)

Jennifer said...

AARRGG I read both of the updates yesterday on Reader, but when I clicked on the blog to leave a comment it wouldnt come up. It was saying something about an error.

I agree with you Amie, I like that picture of you and Jennie :)

Womens day in Honduras is in January, but I think its interesting that most other countries celebrate Womens day, and the US doesn't.


maggie226 said...

ohmygoodness! I didn't remember that pic of us- it's a great one!

Thanks for letting us know about the holiday- I would never have known. I spent all day with about 30 women- scrapbooking!

And I was wondering- who is in the 7th picture? Looks like someone I know named Trina!

Amie Vaughan said...

Seventh photo... that's my fellow nearly-done-PhD student Carolyn. She's awesome.

You're right, it is a good picture of us-- and old, too (although we aren't, of course)! I can't believe that was before I came here... which means nearly four years now! Sheesh. Where does the time go?