Monday, 17 March 2008

Random Thoughts

I realised that I am cutting it close on my one post a week resolution... so this is a stop-gap measure only. I have ideas for things to write about, but I don't have the energy or time to take them up just now. So here is a random collection of things I've done and things I've thought recently.

Spring Cleaning: is it really 'spring' cleaning if the weather is still horrible outside? I have been distracted and unable to focus for the past few days, so I decided that yesterday was The Day. I went through and cleaned my room-- repacked old stuff, reorganised my boxes, got things straightened up. I expected it to make a difference in my outlook; I didn't expect it to actually do any good to my room. But I was surprised at how I somehow made more room for myself... or at least made it feel like it! If you've been in my room here, you'll know it's basically a glorified closet. So even the illusion of space is nice. Whew.

Cheating: is it cheating on my Lenten fast from my internet addictions if I respond to friends requests on Facebook? I haven't been on for anything else, and most of the email notifications I just delete without even reading. But I have received a few friend requests, and I logged in to accept them. And then closed out, without so much as a glance at all the other things that must be piling up. I just hate when I send one out, and then months later it gets accepted. It makes me think that that person must not really want to be my friend, if they had to think about it for so long. I didn't want my friends to have to wait and wonder and worry. I'm so nice. ;) Oh, and I did send a message to someone through Facebook... a friend from college, who I have not seen or heard from in close to a decade (eeek!) poked me. I couldn't believe it when I saw the name... and as I don't have any other way to contact them, I logged in and sent them a message. But basically that's just email, right? And I would have emailed them if I had known where to send it. So is this all really cheating? I don't think so. I think I'm doing very well. =)

Bananas: Why do their skins get thinner as they ripen? What happens to them? Does it get absorbed into the fruit somehow? Evaporate into the atmosphere? Slough off like old skin? What is going on there?

Postage: I'm sick of the cost of postage. Well, the postage to send things overseas, anyway. From the US, you can't even send me stuff by surface mail anymore... it all has to come air mail. Which is more expensive. And I can't send things to you that weigh more than 2kg without paying an arm and a leg. It only costs an arm if it's under 2kg. I can send stuff surface mail (delivery times of 4-6 weeks, if I'm lucky) for half the cost of air mail (which sometimes arrives within a week), but is it worth it to wait that long? And even then, it's not cheap. Why must they gouge us so badly? This is just not fair.

Internet: Our internet is currently out, as I'm typing this. So I'll post this whenever it comes back on. I love our internet, because we have wireless broadband, and it's free with out phone plan. But I hate our internet, because it goes out a lot. I don't think it's the fault of the internet, and I know it's not the router. It's our crappy cheap-arse service provider. Sorry for the language, but they really make me angry. It just... disappears. And sometimes it doesn't even show that we have a phone connection, which is what makes me sure it's our provider. Our phone service is usually okay, but it has its moments, as well. And its bugs. I love technology, and without the internet I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with most people... and sure wouldn't be posting these deep and thought-provoking blogs, ha. But when it doesn't work.... Grrrr!


Barb said...

You are too funny. I'm proud of you for working in your room. I'm sure it felt good to do that. I'm just biding my time - Good Friday will be Cleaning Friday for me (though I will go to church at night - I'm not a complete heathen!).

Oh, and I saw you had been on facebook to accept friends. Shame shame... Really, though, I think you're okay, not cheating too bad. I mean, what can I say, since I didn't even do a lenten fast, right?

Jennie B said...

CHEATER!! You have not fulfilled your Lenten vows. TSK TSK TSK. That friend must be darn special. ;)

Feel free to come clean my place anytime. :) Anything to help you stay motivated.

I think the skin gets thinner as it gets riper so they are easier to peel? I mean trying to peal a very unripe banana is murder, i usually have to pull out a knife or use my teeth. But I think the stringy part melds with the banana fruit helping to make it a tastier treat!

Jennie B said...

side note: using ones teeth on an unripe banana gives one the puckering BLECK face which usually results in one not wanting the banana afterwards. So be warned.

Masimba Tyrranus said...

I wish I could clean my room. I did a while back and even rearranged some stuff and it looks really good now. The mess, however, has started claiming back my room corner by corner so I may have to take to cleaning my room more often than once a week, or keep it cleaner during the week. I'm a boy so the latter is of course out of the question. Way to go, girl. Keep your room clean enough for procrastinators and pigs like me everywhere.

As Father Jackson used to say to the good boys of St Francis Xavier's College, "For every soul that breaks the vows of Lent, that's one less opportunity the school has to have it's infrastructure funded by we Marist Brothers." Anyway, bad Lent Girl bad. No assembly halls and school buses for you. Of course, good on you for giving up something for Lent, unlike some of us worldly, hedonistic heathens.

Upon Intimations on Bananas and their inner skin when ripening, I would surmise too, that the skin becomes a part of hte fruit over time since when I was younger and more adventurous I would scrape the skin's contents off into my mouth using my bottom teeth and it always tasted sweeter and thus more banana-like the riper the fruit.

The internet. Just when I forget to praise the genius that is wireless internet technology, it always seems to remind me by becoming buggered somehow. Oh well, I just learn to be grateful when it is working. At least it sounds like your problems in that department are a lot worse than mine. Hooray me!