Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Chores I Wish I Could Avoid

I started to title this *Chores I Hate*, but really, if you don't hate it, it's not a chore. Am I right or am I right or am I right or am I right? (Know where that's from? Anyone?) There is, though, a spectrum, I think. A sliding scale of dislike, if you will. So here are the ones at the very bottom of my list. The ones I put off as long as I possibly can, and I would gladly give over to someone else to do, if there was someone else to do them.

1. Dishes. I hate washing dishes. I got used to it, when I worked at the Porch-- I had wash tons of them, and clean out all the gunk in the drain strainer. Ewww. I mean, really ewwww. But working with (mostly) lazy college students, someone had to do it. Thank goodness for my friend Andrew, who shared the duty with me. But still. I hate washing dishes. I don't mind putting them away... or just taking them off the rack as I need them. ;) The sink fills up here pretty fast-- it's never-ending-- and spills over to the counter (as if we have much space as it is...) and I ignore it for as long as I can (until I run out of dishes or cutlery, or Kenny does the washing up).

2. Ironing. I hate ironing. I'm not bad at it, I know how, I can do it. I just hate that I have to. I mean, in the States I could get away with hardly ever ironing anything, because the dryers take wrinkles out. I never ironed jeans, or tee-shirts, or most anything else, really. Here, the dryers put wrinkles in. How annoying is that?! So I do the laundry, and try to go for as long as possible wearing things that were already ironed. Until I have a nice big stack of new clean things to iron... I figure I might as well save up and do a lot at once, rather than having to do little bits every few days (our laundry is teensy, weensy sized, so I have to do smaller loads more often). At least I can watch tv while I iron. But still. Ugh.

3. Scrubbing the tub. Mainly I hate doing this because it hurts my back, bending over like that. I can usually get away with ignoring the tub, until I want to take a bath. Then I scrub it. Good.

4. Mopping. Again, this has to do with it bothering my back. And the fact that I have to wait forever for it to dry.... I got pretty proficient at this when I worked at the Porch as well, especially the summer that Andrew and I were pretty much the only employees, and we had to mop the whole place every day. Here, I just don't do it, unless we are having people over. I'm just that lazy.

5. Changing linens. Okay, not all the linens. I don't mind the pillows and the fitted sheet... even on my loft bed. Which makes it a bit more of a hassle. But still. What I really don't like is putting the duvet into the cover. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with duvets-- I grew up with quilts and blankets and comforters. So I don't know the best, or easiest, way to get the dang thing back into its cover. Maybe it's partly because I have a loft bed in a room the size of a glorified closet, which means there is very little room to maneuver the big fluffy behemoth. Maybe I'm just an idiot and can't figure it out. Whatever the reason, it's so bad that I change out all the other linens, and then just sleep with the duvet uncovered until I can't stand it anymore. Which is scratchy, and static-y, and not so great. Seriously.

6. Cleaning the litterbox. Oh, how I cannot wait to not have pets for a little while. I'm tired of the smell, and the hair, and cleaning the dang box. Kenny does it most of the time, but still. I like our cats, and I'm glad they are here. But when I leave here (eventually...), I won't have any pets for a bit. Honestly.

Okay, I guess that's enough griping for now. =D


Jennie B said...

You know I never minded washing dishes at Opryland becuase it usually got me out of the nastier or more bothersome jobs at the end of the night... I mean a theme park pizza joint is pretty darn nasty to clean up! So dishes was a relief to all the nasty cheese and sauce floor gunk in the drains. But I hate doing them here... at least I have a dishwasher, you can use it anytime you are here. :)

Also the litter box is nasty as well. It is totally a mans job. That is why I delegate that to Saum. Of course that just means its even nastier because he only half cleans it. :(

What? You are supposed to change you linens? More than once a year? Who made this rule?? J/K. totally.

I love my wet vac it makes floor mopping so much easier. :) I recommend the swiffer wetjet! Not bending and scrubbin!

Sigh, I hate chores in general. I would rather change a nasty diaper than do a chore...

Jennifer said...

I hate to iron. I know how to, but I refuse to. My thoughts are, when yo uget it on your bdy, it will get wrinkled anyway, so just play it off like you wrinkled it after you put it on.

Dishes, I dont like them, but I dont hate them. I will do them, and I actually prefer to do them by hand, than in the dishwasher. But that doesnt mean that I do them by hand that often.

I hate to change the sheets in the beds too. That is just stupid, LOL. I like the layered look. Layer the bed with like 5 sets of sheets and blankets, then work your way down each layer.

Mopping - yeha I dont do it. In Honduras we will have cement floors, so I will probably have to mop though.

Bathrooms - I hate them period. End of story. Thats why Andre is in charge of cleaning the bathrooms.

Litterbox, well I dont have a cat, so that doesn't apply to me. I did like mucking out horse stalls though.

Masimba Tyrranus said...

Ah chores. Yeah I don't like them either, of course because of the fact that I have had to do them practically all my life, it doesn't make them any easier. Isn't that just great how that works. I mean, you can definitely hone your skills to improve the way you complete chores, but how you feel about them seldom changes, whether you like or hate specific chores.

1. I love dishes. For some reason I take pleasure out of making a neat clean pile out of a dirty one. Yeah there is often gunk and pots take a little more muscle to get clean, but I don't mind the dirt. My hands have been in worse. This will sound crazy but I kind of like the swishing motion of my hand with the sponge when I wash something. And then there is the shiny squeekiness of a clean plate.....
moving on then.

2. With you on the ironing girl. Of all the tasks I learned in order to become the "truly rounded gentleman" that my boarding schools wanted me to become, this is the most loathed chore. I mean I am fairly confident in my ironing, I just hate doing it. I still have to concentrate a whole lot on it and I feel like it's one last penance to pay to your clothes for having soiled them the week before.

3. I love the Mr Clean mop thing with the handle. You know the one, the Rubber Blue Iron-Shaped fury. The mop attachment means no bendsies for me which is great. Still, living with three other people means I am not so keen on the taking baths things so I don't have to make it microscopically clean. Just as long as I can't see last week's Trey, Mark or Amber in the tub. Everyone knows that black people don't leave marks in the tub:)

4. I really have mopping. No matter how well I sweep before I start, there seems to be at least one grain that catches the wetness of the floor and mop when I start and it drives me nuts. As much as I love to mop, the stick annoys me further. I usually just drop to my knees and resort to the way my people have done it for ages. I am faster that way as well, at least I think. Maybe next year my age will not make this possible but for now, bending over like Mummy suits me just fine.

5. So far changing linens isn't too bad. I used to hate it cause I always disagreed with the timing for the need for change with people who always told me it needed to be done - Mum, the matrons, etc. I like it a lot better now that it's up to me when I change sheets. Sadly, it's still between every 7 to 14 days. Yeah for the choice that is free will.

Barb said...

I can't imagine cleaning a litter box. That's why I prefer dogs to cats (or one of the many reasons, I should say). But your cats are kind of fun to have around, so I guess you have to put up with that.

My dreaded chore is cleaning the bathrooms. Maybe it's because this was my job growing up, and with a younger brother who didn't know how to aim, it was a disgusting job!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

That's what kids are for (my daughter's job is "scoop duty"). I, too, hate dishes. I'm sure it comes from having no dishwasher growing up (with 8 siblings).

I'm honored to see the link in your sidebar; thanks!!