Sunday, 19 October 2008

Optical Update

So I ended up deciding to go with glasses number one (because of the price, and because I was more comfortable with them... the smaller frames are less intimidating to me). Jen and I went back to Target to order them-- $70 frames, not too bad.

Or so I thought.

My grand total was going to be $375! For one pair of glasses. I know I have bad eyesight and need mega-thick horrible frames, but sheesh.

So I'm waiting. If I get back into Chicago before I leave, I'll try to get a 2 for $70 pair. If not, I'll get a 2 for 75 pounds set at SpecSavers. If that happens, look for another chance to vote. That time I'll be totally on my own, without my sister to advise me... and you'll be the judges. For real.

Thanks for your help so far... I'll try some more like number 6, wherever I go next. Darn expensive Target!! =(


Mrs4444 said...

Holy cow! That's crazy! Good luck!

Jennie B said...

You need to brake your glasses and have your travel insurance by you the pair you want. ;)

Jennie B said...

Why am I sitting here berating myself over brake, because I should have said break? Dear lord, I need to take a grammar/spelling class.

hmmmm, maybe going back to school would be good so I can get student discounts. :)

Amie Vaughan said...

I'm not sure my travel insurance would cover that, unless it were somehow the fault of... um... a flight? Or a train? Or something? I dunno.

Hey! No fair! I'm supposed to get to make fun of your spelling and grammar! ;)

And the discounts are great, when they actually apply to you... and the places that say you can use 'em actually let you use 'em. Bah.

Barb said...

Oh, how frustrating! I had to replace the lenses in my glasses, and had a hard time finding a place I could afford. Even with my discount plan, LensCrafters was $150, just for lenses! But Target was $68, so I went with them, even though I have to wait 2-3 weeks before they get here. I am praying the arrive before comps - it would be really good to be able to see during those exams.

Looking forward to another chance to vote, even though it means you have to go through the frustration of looking again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why would you have to be making the decision on your own at Specsavers?! I'm thinking, get your butt back over here, and we'll take you to Specsavers, and then to the Illicit Still for lunch, and then to the new Starbucks on Schoolhill for coffee.....
We miss you - our coffeeing isn't the same.

Barb said...

You know, other than the Illicit Still (which I didn't enjoy in the least), that sounds like a fun day. Can I join you?! :)

Amie Vaughan said...

Yup! Come on over, Barb... as soon as you finish comps. We'll celebrate with hot chocolate at Costa or something.... =D