Friday, 2 May 2008

My Happy Day

We had sunshine today. And warm (for us) temperatures. So after my class, I went out to Seaton Park to enjoy it, 'playing Barb' (which means taking loads of pictures, hee hee).

I love the daffodils. And the greens of spring... everything just seems to pop. I never think about 'green' as having as many varieties as I notice this time of year.

The flowers were gorgeous. I love the yellow ones best, but the purples were really lovely. And that tree, with the leaves just coming out? They are a nice minty colour... I hope you can tell in the photo.

The two on the left are from the River Don. The two on the right are from some random peoples' gardens along my walk to and fro from the uni, along King Street.

The first photo here is also from some random garden on King. The last one is a tree peeking over the wall between the street and the playing fields. The two in the middle? I just love how these happy little flowers pop up everywhere... even between the daffodils. =D

These are a couple of other things that made me happy today:

I didn't wear these flip-flops out today, but I did wear sandals... and got to show off my painted toenails, and my tattoo! I love my tattoo, and thought it was cool that it matched these flip-flops. And there's me, all smiley and happy. And I'm laughing now, at how you can see the reflection in my glasses of my arm taking the photo.

I hope y'all have had a good day, as well! =D

EDIT: I get so annoyed... this ends up looking different on the post page than it does here... so I can't really even get the photos lined up with their captions right. I'm gonna trust that y'all are smart enough to figure it all out. ;)


Barb said...

So pretty! No pics of the "swaaans" (with an A like in "bat"), but the flowers are lovely, and you look great. Wish I had been there to explore Seaton Park with you. Glad you're keeping up the tradition, "playing Barb".

Jennie B said...

Ah, sunlight, it is so intermittent here these days. What pretty flowers too. Its almost like I can smell them.

That is a marvelous tat by the way.

And look at those flip flops. You have inspired me to go pull mine out of the closet...but wait a minute, its only 52 here today and pretty chilly so maybe I will pull them out tomorrow. :)

Glad you had a nice day!

Jennifer said...

I dont know how authentic they are, but I dont know what ingredients you can get there either. But I figure that these ingredients would be easier to find. And it is less labor intensive than an authentic mexican meal :)

Hope it helps some.

Oh and horchata is so yummy, its a rice drink, don't know if you have ever had it or not. I checked out the recipe for the frozen horchata, and I dont know how close to the real horchata the taste is, but I would make it and try it :)
Happy birthday a couple of days early

Jennie - 52 degrees is certainly flip flop weather, what is wrong with you? I wear my flip flops when it is 52 degrees all the time.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Wow, Amie. These photos are stunning (every one of them.) Thanks for sharing your talent.

Jennifer said...

Here are some more authentic recipes. Maybe you can find one that has ingredients that you can get.


Masimba Tyrranus said...

Photosynthesis. Human beings partake of it although we don't really make any useful from it except good feelings. I am glad you could make more of yours that you cheery personality makes in abundance. Those pics are really nice. Good for you.

maggie226 said...

Happy Birthday! Hope today is a great one!