Friday, 11 July 2008

My Little World

When I am writing, my world becomes very, very small. I thought I'd give you a little tour of it, while I'm taking a few days off.

Since my room is pretty small, I have to make the most of the space... my shelves are on top of my wardrobe, with some boxes stored behind.
And more boxes piled up between the end of the bed and the wall... since there isn't much room there for anything else, really.

Thank goodness for loft beds, so I can have some drawers, and a desk. And no, I never make my bed these days, as it's too big of a hassle to climb up there and make it. Oh well. =)I have some books close at hand, as well as some photos to keep me company....

My printer currently doesn't work (boo!), but I have plenty of room for other goodies to keep me going.
This is the view of my desktop, which is what I stare at for hours on end....
And since I do most of my initial work longhand, it's good to have the space.
I spend a good bit of time staring at the underside of my bed.... Or out the window...
watching the traffic.

This is what keeps me going. Coffee = Life.
Must. Have. Music!
Incentives, to motivate myself....
Again, the view for when I need some distraction.

Oh, and just to be honest... I play a lot of minesweeper. ;)

Well. That's it. The extent of my world when I am writing, and especially when I'm on a deadline. Which is pretty much where I spent the past month... well, up til Monday. I've been on a much-needed break since then. But I'll be back in my little cave soon enough. Now you know where to find me!


Jennie B said...

I remember that room! The shelves are new aren't they?? Thanks for the photo tour, your pick of candy has increased my sweet tooth, thanks. Now its going to be even harder waiting until dinner so I can have my PW Choco Cake. :)

Hey, you won't be in that cave too long, soon you will be in our guest room!

Barb said...

Hey, you've done a little redecorating, the arrangement under the bed looks different.

And I still can't believe you do a lot of your work longhand. I would never survive like that. Good thing I wasn't trying to write before computers were invented!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Wow! That IS a tiny space! Glad you got to take a break before the HARD work starts, haha.

Masimba Tyrranus said...

Wow. How illuminating. I envy your life but not the lack of space. Such learning. I like your work space. By the way, what is that little black thingy - that's what she said (sorry too much Office Space)- that your IPod is in. I wonder how you got that. Really though, I like what you've done with what little space you have. One thing though, I dare say, you may have a picture of someone else missing. I guess he doesn't really motivate you at all. I'll let him know, lol.