Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ten Random Things About Me

I got tagged by my friend Amy, over at Yuwie... and I'm finally getting around to this. These are just ten random facts... some more random than others, and you may or may not already know them about me, depending on how well you know me. =)

1. There have been times when I have gone without watching tv at all-- much of college, for instance. And if I were living on my own, I doubt I would pay for one here. But thanks to Kenny, I am currently a TV addict. I watch, on average, four hours a day, I would guess. Of course, 'watch' is a loose term, because I am almost always doing something else at the same time-- sometimes it's something productive, like ironing, and other times, it's online. Right now, for instance, I'm watching a CSI rerun. =)

2. That said, I hate reality tv generally. Well, the ones that aren't based on some kind of talent, anyway. I love Strictly Come Dancing, and Dancing On Ice; I'll watch American Idol to be able to talk about it with my sister. But Big Brother and all the other kinds... no thank you! A waste of tv, in my opinion. Give me a good story anyday.

3. I firmly believe that my Unlimited Cinema card is the best investment I've made recently. Or perhaps in my entire life. It's kept me sane, and brought me joy, and gotten me out of my flat, and given me a reason to live. Okay, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration. But it really is the best money I've spent while I've been here, and I don't know how I would have survived without it. I bet I average two films a week-- and that's including the months I'm in the States and can't use it! I go to a lot of films. And love it!

4. And speaking of films, I really do not like romantic comedies and most 'chic flicks'. There are a few that I like, but more often than not they make me mad, or sad, or disgusted-- something other than happy, that is. Give me action, or comedy, or kids films any day.

5. Coffee is my life. I live off the stuff, and would probably die without it.

6. I love my life in Scotland. It's the first place I've ever felt, well, content with myself. Like I know who I am, as myself and not as how anyone expects me to be or I think they expect me to be. Here, for the first time, I've been happy being single and independent; I am self-confident (except for the thesis, at times) and self-assured; I know who I am, and am able to shape myself into who I want to be. Just as me. Not as any other role or relationship or expectation. Coming here has been the most difficult but also the best thing I have ever done.

7. Following on from that, I sometimes wonder (and by 'wonder' I mean 'worry') that because of how much I love my life now, and how used to being independent I am, that I'll be a terrible girlfriend or wife (if that ever happens). I am too used to not having to really worry about anyone but myself, making my own plans and just doing my thing. Not that I don't think about other people; I do. I have friends, and I have Kenny, and things like that. But I don't have to share My Life with them in the same way I would in a dating relationship. It makes me nervous, at times, because I'd like to be married some day. I'm just not sure I'll be any good at it anymore.

8. I love my nephew and niece, and would do anything for them. Like go broke spending money on plane tickets to visit them. And then having to live on rice and beans for months. But dang, they are worth it!

9. I have a lot of little pet peeves. But the thing that I can't stand, probably more than anything else, is ignorance. Not the kind of ignorance that comes from not having opportunities to be educated, but the kind of willful ignorance that keeps people narrow-minded and small. I see this way too often, and it really angers me. I guess I could say that my prejudice is against people who are prejudiced. That's the kind of ignorance I can't stand. Thinking your way is the only way, and not bothering to see other people's side of things-- whatever the issue might be.

10. It's almost 2pm, and I'm still in my pyjamas. This is a regular occurrence for me. Ah, the joys of being a PhD student! =)

So, those are my deep, random thoughts for the day. Maybe you learned something about me-- maybe this just confirms that I am totally a dork. But that's okay. I knew that already. I've come to terms with it. =D

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Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I LOVE being in my pajamas til at least noon, whenever possible! You sound like a person who really knows herself :)