Sunday 17 August 2008


No time or energy to write, but I can share some photos! =D

Even though I've done loads of things and seen loads of things and been loads of places, I think you'll be able to tell what the best part of my holiday is:

Jen and Mya

Surfer dude bubbs
Mac climbing up the auntie... after which he jumps backwards all the way down to the ground

The Bubbs in a 'snort' shovel, at the Lake County Fair

A very long day... on the train ride home
At the Pierogi Fest in Whiting
Always smiling, that's my nephew!
Round and round, up and down!

'Driving' a tractor at the fair

Aren't we cute?

I'm having a great time, if you can't tell.... The kiddos are fantastic, and it's great to be hanging out with Jen and Saum, too. Yay for family holidays! I promise, one of these days I'll write about what's going on.... =D

Tuesday 5 August 2008


Yes, that's me. I'm so far behind on my once-a-week quota... I'm hoping all those extra ones I posted (like one-a-day a while back) will help some. ;) Seriously-- life is just too busy for me to stop and post just now. And by the time life slows down, I'm too tired to post!

Why is life so busy, you ask? Well, I'm at my sister's-- which means near-constant 'cool auntie' duties towards my nephew and niece. Not that I'm complaining. No sirree! I'm having a ball. And I have stuff to talk about... just not right now. We have to get up early tomorrow to catch a train into the city. To hang out in Millennium Park, and to pick up the Funkee Unkee at the airport, and to meet Saum for dinner before catching the train back home tomorrow evening. Whew!

To be honest, I could have spent the past weekend writing posts and stuff. Everyone else was out of town. But I didn't. I spent it chatting with Barb. And cleaning the house (oh boy did it need it!). And a little studying. Oh, and watching season one of the new Doctor Who on Netflix On Demand.

I told you I was a slacker. =)