Thursday 30 April 2009

Bad Blood

No, I'm not caught up in any Hatfield and McCoy type feud... yet. You never know.

I got a letter back from the Surgery (which here is the doctor's office, oddly enough) to ask me to make an appointment 'as soon as I am able' with the doctor I saw last week to discuss the results of my blood test. I called them to find out if I needed to go in before next Thursday, when I already have an appointment scheduled. No, just wait, they said. Could they tell me what the result was? No, just wait, they said. Grrrr.

I'm betting it's my iron again. Any takers? ;)

Friday 24 April 2009

Friday Fragments

Mrs4444 does Friday Fragments every week, and always invites people to join in. I thought I'd finally take her up on that. So here are mine for this week... and check out hers, and the other links!

-- What is the point of washing dishes if you don't rinse them? I hate doing the dishes, but I don't want to use the dishes my flatmate washes (though I very much appreciate that he does wash them). It's a very British thing, apparently, to fill the sink with soapy water, wash the dishes, and then set them on the rack to let the soap slide off. Seriously? The soap just dries on the dishes, people, and you end up with soapy coffee the next day. I don't get it.

-- Statistics say we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. What would happen if we were to cut out that 80%? Would we then wear 20% of our significantly smaller wardrobe?

-- I hate ironing, and put it off til the very last minute. That means that about 50% of my wardrobe (well over my 20% from the previous statistic) now needs to be ironed before it can go back in rotation. I wonder what that does to the statistics....

-- I am quite proud of myself for resisting the latest time-sucking distraction on Facebook, even though all my friends are playing it and inviting me. I have enough things on there to keep me from doing what I should be doing. I don't need Mafia Wars to add to that (sorry, friends!).

--Apparently, I have my own line of skin care products. I was quite pleased to see them in Boots, and I have since bought them. Granted, they are 'purely for young skin', and my skin isn't exactly young, but... they have actually worked better on my very aggrivating combination skin than anything else I've found. And no, this isn't an advert. I'm just saying.

-- I have mixed feelings about anti-depressants. On the one hand, being told that I should take them makes me feel more depressed, ironically. On the other hand, anything that is going to help me get back to my normal self can't be bad. Right?

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Countdown 2009

Four episodes. First one in four days. And then good-bye to Doctor number ten... forever. It's hard for me to be excited when I'm also so sad....

Thursday 2 April 2009

Dinner With Barb, or Trans-Continental Meal Sharing

Today, I had dinner with my friend Barb, who lives in Ft. Worth. Yes, Texas. Seriously!

No, I am not in the States. I am still in Aberdeen.

So how did this happen? You would be right to ask. So I'll tell you.

I am a sucker for McDonald's Monopoly promotion. When I was at my sister's in the fall, I pretty much lived on one McD's meal a day during the Monopoly game, and they have started it up here in the past week or so. I am helpless to resist the siren call of instant win and collect-to-win game pieces! Besides, I love their fries. My friend Barb does, too, and many were the times when we would eat there together on our days out in the city centre while she was in Aberdeen. Good times. Can you believe that was two years ago?! Okay, you probably can... but I can't. I miss my friend. Still.

As she was commenting on my lack of will power when it comes to Monopoly, this plan was hatched: to pick a day to eat at McDonalds, 'together'. She would go for her lunch break, which, considering the six hour time difference, would be perfect for me to go for my dinner. We could enjoy our fries (and the rest of our meal) in our own locations, knowing that we were eating together. Silly, perhaps (so says my sister), but the next best thing to actually being able to sit down and share a meal together-- which we haven't been able to do in person for way too long.

Today was that day! And I thoroughly enjoyed having a meal with my friend, despite the distance. I miss you, Barb... thanks for meeting me at McDonalds! =D

My dinner

Enjoying my fries... yum!

Scenes from my vantage point... old people collared by the coppers (probably not, but it was fun to speculate); buses and stops; people in the park or on their way to places unknown.....

And finally, some live action! The first is boring... unless you just want to see a little slice of life from Aberdonia. It was, as you can tell from the photos above, from my seat by the window, looking out on Union Street. People-watching is how I spend my mealtimes there. The second, well, is mainly for Barb... but y'all can watch if you want. I think you can even see a little of the 'new' remodeled McDs, if you haven't been here for a while. =)