Monday 29 September 2008

Opinions Desperately Wanted!

Okay, so maybe 'desperately' is a little over the top. But I do want your input. My sister has gone with me to three different places to try on glasses (so far), and I have some photos of the good ones. Weigh in, everyone... or everyone who wants to, that is. If you've been reading along, you'll remember that I have a hang-up about wearing glasses. But if y'all help me pick some good ones, then I'll feel more comfortable about actually being seen in public in them.

The choices are:

1. Actually, I don't think these are too bad....
2. It's not a good picture of me at all, but I like these red ones. I just need a better picture.
3. A little long, perhaps?
4. Sophia Loren has some snazzy specs, no doubt!
5. Nothing says 'old maid' quite like these....
6. Hmmmm... worth considering.
7. Nothing says 1988 quite like these! 8. I can't remember if these had any colour to them or not....
9. Eeek! Please ignor that double chin. Thanks.
10. Um. Maybe, not quite...
11. Cat-eye wannabe?
11. I think these had sparkly flowers on the arms. Classy.
12. That's right-- don't mess with the school marm.

So, what do you think so far? Any suggestions? Should I look at colours or just plain blacks or browns? Do you like the rounded or the squared? Gimme some advice, please! Help me be the coolest looking dork around. =D

Sunday 21 September 2008


So, everyone is napping... well, almost everyone.

Sorry I've been so bad about keeping this up while I've been in the States. Things have been... mixed up, messed up, and wonderful in some measure or other. I don't really have time to go into it (some of you will know the details-- the rest of you, I'm afraid, will have to live in suspense for a while. Maybe forever, who knows! ;) ) but I wanted to say hi. I'm still around, and still in the States. I was supposed to be back in Abedeen by now (a few hours ago, actually) but I just couldn't. Long story... but as it is, I'm looking to head back in about three weeks. So if you are in Aberdeen, I'll be back soon! And I do miss y'all, and can't wait to get back and catch up. If you are in the States, come to Chicago in the next three weeks, and I'll fill you in on all the gory details of the long and convoluted story of my recent life. If I have a burst of energy, inspiration, and caffeine-fueled free time, I may write about it all... but then again, I might not. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

But because I know you are just dying to see more pictures, here are a few. To hold you over til I can write something of substance (as if that ever happens on this blog!). =D

Okay, so I lied. I can't get my photos to upload to Blogger... bah! So you'll have to just wait with baited breath til I have the time to sit here and wait on 'em. Right now, I have to go paint a playhouse.....

Oh, and hey. I added the 'follower' feature thingy over there on the sidebar... so if you don't mind admitting that you know me and that you read my nonsense and drivel, please do clickee the linkee and become a follower! And if you have a blog, and add that feature, well, then, I'll be your follower, too! Which could become confusing, if we aren't careful... how do we know who is following who? Who's the leader now? I guess we can take turns. =)