Saturday 19 June 2010

It's Unani-Moose!

The moose has won.  My new companion to me, the soon-to-be Doctor.  Ha ha.  Seriously, though. 

Everyone, please welcome... wait, what's his name? 

That's the question now.  Each of the three of you who voted get a prize, cos I like you.  I'll get with you about what you'd like.  Thanks for your votes and your insights. 

Now, for two weeks, I'll leave open voting for a name for my moose friend.  Voting will close on 3 July at noon est (5pm my time).  He'll remain just moose for the meantime.  Vote in the comments for a name for him, and the winner (based on my own choice alone) will win some kind of fancy-schmancy prize.  Again, we can chat about that when you win. 

Put on your thinking caps and turn on your creativity-- name my moose!  =D

Thursday 17 June 2010


I've had writer's block, knowing this was a milestone post.  200 posts!  That's not too shabby.  Already more posts this year than all of last year.  That's both great and sad, depending on your point of view. 

Since it's a big one, I decided I'd use this opportunity to ask for some help, and do a contest!  The prize will be negotiated with the winner, but it will be something Scottish.  Cos I live in Scotland, of course.  So think about what you want-- cadburys? cheesy t-shirt? digestives? marmalade? tartan scarf? If you win, we'll talk.  =)

Here's what I need.  I need an Inca John.  I need a Flat Stanley.  I need a travel buddy. 

I have a couple of options, and I'd like to put it to a vote.  I also might need a name.  So there will be two parts to this contest-- the first to vote on my travel buddy, which winner will be chosen randomly from all the entrants, and the second one to name him or her.  That one will be merit-based, and my decision will be final.  I hope you can deal with that.  =)

So here are the contestants.  Voting starts immediately, and ends on Saturday at noon EST (which is five pm for me, in case you're wondering).  After the lucky companion is chosen, then I'll post a new contest to name him or her!  Yippee!  I'm so excited! 

Number One: Woody

So Woody already has a name.  He actually talks, too.  No string, you just whack him.  I do love cowboys. 

Number Two: fuzzy bear

Boy or girl? I don't know.  Lots of room to develop personality, I guess. 

Number Three: moose

A gift from Jen and Saum when they were on holiday in Maine a few years ago.  I just think s/he's cute. 

Number Four: Fairtrade Christmas gift boy

Paige got me this wee loon for Christmas because I had been talking about needing a companion.  He's not been with me, or earned a name yet.  This could be the time. 

Number Five: sonic screwdriver

I realise this one could be tricky, but I've liked the idea of a Doctor-themed companion for ages.  Or would I be the Doctor's companion?  Either way.  It's an option. 

I have to have a buddy picked by Saturday so they can accompany me to Glasgow to see Paul McCartney on Sunday.  I mean, what better way to start our travel relationship?!