Sunday 19 October 2008

Optical Update

So I ended up deciding to go with glasses number one (because of the price, and because I was more comfortable with them... the smaller frames are less intimidating to me). Jen and I went back to Target to order them-- $70 frames, not too bad.

Or so I thought.

My grand total was going to be $375! For one pair of glasses. I know I have bad eyesight and need mega-thick horrible frames, but sheesh.

So I'm waiting. If I get back into Chicago before I leave, I'll try to get a 2 for $70 pair. If not, I'll get a 2 for 75 pounds set at SpecSavers. If that happens, look for another chance to vote. That time I'll be totally on my own, without my sister to advise me... and you'll be the judges. For real.

Thanks for your help so far... I'll try some more like number 6, wherever I go next. Darn expensive Target!! =(