Thursday 20 May 2010

May Babes

There ain't nothing like 'em...
That was then... when the Auntie's job was to get the screaming Mya to sleep (hence lots of shots of sleeping Mya, and some of sleeping Auntie!)  These are now-- in goodies that Auntie has sent, so that I'm still kind of in the pictures:  ;)
Happy Second Birthday, Mya!  Auntie Amie loves you lots! 

Monday 17 May 2010

Garden Envy, Part Two

As I was walking home from uni one day last week, I snapped some more spring bloom photos.  Nearly all of these came from people's very nice front gardens, which made me very sad about the sorry state of our back garden.  I'm glad I get to see and enjoy other people's lovely gardnes, but dang.  Anyway, here they are, the lovelies. 
This gorgeous tree is at Kings, between the CASS offices and the Pavilion sports area.
These next few are from a wee strip of grassy-ness behind what used to be the Butchart rec centre, just before you get to Orchard Walk... or Orchard Place...
These couple are from the Orchard area, where all the streets are called Orchard something.  
The rest are from King Street, homes on the left as I leave uni and walk home. 
I caught several flashes of red jumping out at me.  Always exciting.  =)
The weather was totally crazy this day-- hail, sleet, rain, wind, sun, snow... all in rotating fifteen minute increments.  I got hailed on as I was coming home, but the sun was still out.  So I got lucky.  I got these photos relatively unscathed. 


Saturday 15 May 2010

Garden Envy

My back garden:
The clothes line poles are just higher than my head, and those reed-things are that high.
I don't even know what these should be used for, but currently they are in such a state that I don't think they are fit for anything.
There were, last year, a lot of nice flowering bushes along that wall.  Someone started tearing them all out, and I can't find a rhyme or reason for how and why they did.  And why they left all the branches and bits in piles around the rest of the garden.  Grrrrr.

The neighbour's back garden, which looks nice and tended and like the wee rooms at the back can actually be used for something.

A random garden at uni-- behind my friend Liz's office building.  I gotta figure out how to get in there.

And I've gotta figure out how to deal with our garden.  Not having the right tools is a big bummer right now.