Tuesday 6 October 2009

Cinco de Drinko

Now this is going back a ways... all the way to 5/5. Anyone know what day that is?

Cinco de Mayo! And... my birthday! (Many thanks to Jill for the superb title idea!)

For my birthday, I wanted mexican food. I mean, really, REALLY wanted mexican food. But you can't get mexican food in Aberdeen. Not the good kind, anyway. You can get fajitas that taste like barbeque, and guacamole in a jar, and refills on chips and salsa only if you beg... but that's not quite the same. So my friend Carrie offered to host my birthday get-together and cook some homemade mexican food! Woo-hoo! In return, I was bringing the mixings for margaritas... from scratch. You also can't get the mix here. Oh well. It was going to be delish!

Sadly, on the day, Carrie was sick. I was bummed. Poor Carrie! Poor me! ;) But she sent my delicious homemade chocolate birthday cake into town with Scot, and Liz and I picked it up at Starbucks. Then Liz, Paige, RitaBekah and I met up at my flat to celebrate instead. We opted to order in, and got chinese (right, girls? Am I remembering that right?) from a place pretty close by. It took more than an hour to arrive. Not cool, people. And then, even though we'd all ordered mild dishes, they were killer spicy. Again, not cool. *sigh* But the cake? Wonderful. With a nice chili kick (not as spicy as the chinese food, though), and homemade whipped cream on top. Bonus!

And the margaritas? Oh, yum. I have never made them from scratch before, but oooohhhh, boy, were they good! At least I thought so. And really, I'm the one who matters. At least on my birthday.

So what do you get when you add theologians and tequila? Lots of laughs. It was great. I got gifts, too-- chocolate and gift cards and photo books and reading books and all kinds of goodies. Plus, I got to celebrate with some of my great friends in Aberdeen. All in all, a very good day.


Thank you to everyone who sent cards or gifts or cakes, and to everyone who called or emailed or facebooked me birthday wishes, and especially to everyone who celebrated with me.  You know who you are, and so do I.  Thank you!  =D


Barb said...

Crazy theologicans and tequila! And I actually think I might like fajitas that taste like bbq.;)

Barb said...

Oh, and KEEP UP THE POSTS! I look forward to seeing a ton of pics and reading a lot of stories about all of your recent (and not-so-recent) adventures.

Amie V said...

barb, i'll send you a packed of the old el paso fajita seasoning mix that tastes like bbq. it's not so bad, really, unless you are not expecting it and are wanting real fajitas. =)

and i'll keep up the posts. i just made about two dozen drafts, with reminders of what i need to write about. so i'll try to do one a day or so to catch up. TRY, i said. no promises. =D

jdawg said...

nice to see people having fun in ways that would drive the fundamentalists crazy.

Amie V said...

i know, right? jody, you're welcome to come party with us... or we can bring the party to you. =)