Friday, 5 February 2010


You heard it here first, folks...

There's a new text-speak language in town, developed by Apple, apparently.  See, my sister has an iPhone.  She uses it to chat with me on Yahoo!  Messenger.  Except that I end up having to translate (and laugh my head off) most of the time.  However, we are sure it's going to catch on.  Here's your starter course: 

hoebullu = hopefully
hash = haha
jerker = tee hee
javon = n'est pas?  it originally changed from 'i have', but we've been using it as a 'you know?' kind of phrase
dait = cursing, like dangit.  except for not dang. 

We actually have been using these now, in our texting.  I particularly like hash, hoebullu, and javon.  i use them a lot.  For instance...

So, hoebullu this new language we've termed iPhoney will catch on, javon? 

hash!  =)

Dait.  I'm such a dork. 


Lysana said...

Hee hee. That's great! :)

Anonymous said...

hash. I love it!

My sister has an iphone as well. I have ienvy. :)

jdawg said...


Amie Vaughan said...

we have laughed so much at the things her phone does to her words. it's been fun.