Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Boy, oh boy.  I've gotten off pretty lightly this year on the under-the-weather scale.  I've had some doozies-- last summer/fall, and a bit over January. But two weeks ago... that's when the stuff really got me.

I thought  my head was going to explode, face first.  My ears were near to bursting just with breathing.  The pressure was so bad it even hurt to move my eyes.  Couldn't breathe.  It was baaaaad.

And I couldn't even take anything for it, because of my other meds.  I inhaled some Vicks VapoRub (a nice little steamy bowl of hot water and a spoonfull of the smelly stuff), which didn't really do much good because I couldn't breathe in the first place.  And I took ibuprofen, which might have helped with the pain if it wasn't caused mainly by the pressure.  Wowzer.  I was in trouble. 

I got nothing done that week.  I barely made it to the classes I'm paid to go to... at home, I was laid in my bed, or laid on the sofa.  I couldn't even read, so I either listened to my iPod softly, or the tv.  Not watching it, just listening. 

Luckily, that's over now.  Except that now I'm running a low fever.  And I can't get it to go away.  It's wiping me out, man, even though I don't feel bad otherwise.  Where is this settled in that it keeps my fevery but I don't feel it?!  Grrrrr.  Last time this happened, it turned into tonsilitis eventually.  My sister had hers turn into strep.  So... I'm plugging along and hoping this doesn't actually turn into anything. 

Sorry for whining.  I just had to complain a wee bit.  Yes, it actually does make me feel a little better, just to complain and get it out.  =)


Barb said...

I'm so so sorry you've been under the weather for so long. Kick that fever out (don't send it to TX though!) and feel better! I'm praying for you.

tammiemg said...

Ugh - for reals. I have felt good enough to watch some videos but not much else. Hope you are feeling better - no fun to feel so bad you can't even read.....feels somewhat anti-productive as a student to just absolutely do nothing, ugh.