Monday, 8 February 2010

january hermit

Paige was kind enough to let me use her flat as my writing hermitage for pretty much all of January.  She's been home in the States, so I've been keeping the wee flat cozy.  I had hoped to have a full draft done by the time I left here;  I'm close, but not quite.  I got a lot of work done, though, and it was good to have some time and space completely on my own.  I needed that.  (Sorry, Dillon and Thomas.)  Here are just some shots of what my time here has looked like, and felt like.  A couple of times sick, several times very productive, you've already heard about the fun with Liz... that's it, in a nutshell.  My Januaray. 
January. It was a good month.


Roy Agee said...

I love reading these. I feel like I have traveled so far! I hope I get to see you again someday. Good work with the draft....awesomeness.

Amie Vaughan said...

thanks, roy. i hope we get to meet up again, as well. that would be aweseome. any time y'all want to come visit scotland, let me know. =D

Abson, Lara, Daniella & Sophie said...

Hello friend,
Good to know that January was good. We have been in hibernation as far as blogging is concerned. Trust you are doing ok.