Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh, the Burning!

I went down to the beach again this year for the city's Bonfire Night festivities.  Fifth of November, remember (remember)?  Anyway.  Last year I went with Paige, but since she'd recently defected to Alva, and because I could talk her into it, I went with Liz.  We took our travel mugs of hot cocoa and headed down.  There were some crazy people walking on coals for charity.  We didn't see it, which I'm actually quite glad about.  It was quite a crowd, and the music was blaring from the local radio station's deejay.  We had to laugh, though, about how Aberdonians express their excitement.  The deejay says, are you ready for some fireworks!  The crowd says, yeah, okay.  The deejay says, I can't hear you--I said, are you ready for some fireworks!  The crowd says, sure, whatever.  The deejay gives up. 

The show itself was nice, but nothing compared to last year.  The budget crunch hit Aberdeen's city council well before it hit anyone else, so I was just surprised they were still having anything.  They cancelled the Hogmanay party because of the budget.  Jerks.  I was looking forward to going again!  Anyway.  The fireworks were cool, and the Aberdoians around us showed their appreciation--- oh.  Nice.  See that one?  Hm.  It was awesome.  They just don't get very worked up or very vocal.  But Liz and I enjoyed ourselves.  Here's to you, Guy Fawkes!


jdawg said...

I've found that people don't often get excited when they're really cold. Seeing people show outdoor emotion in the wintertime would be freakish here.

Barb said...

Great pics! And I loved the videos. Don't think I've ever seen fireworks like the ones in the 2nd video (the red and green balls of fire) - too cool!

Amie Vaughan said...

it wasn't really cold, though, jody. i think it's just that aberdonians aren't very demonstrative. besides, it would warm you up to shout and clap and jump up and down. you should start that as the new canadian fad. :D

barb, thanks. some of them were really cool, but overall it wasn't much comparatively. i still love fireworks, though, so i'll take 'em!

Lis said...

Great photo's! I love fireworks - even in the cold.