Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Park... or Car Park?

Union Terrace Gardens is under attack.  If you have lived here, or visited here, then you may well remember the Gardens in the City Centre.  They are a favourite spot on nice days for all kinds of people, and they are beautifully landscaped year-round.  To turn them into a carpark would be worse than just a tragedy.  Please, if you can, even if you don't live here now, read the information and go vote 'no'.  I would appreciate it greatly! 

'A public consultation is now underway on Sir Ian Wood's vision to concrete over Union Terrace Gardens to create a Civic Square and 3 acres of underground real estate.  The cost is £140 million+ of which at least £70 million must come from the public purse. 

This consultation is NOT allowing the public to express their views on anything other than the City Square.

There is an alternative...

Peacock Visual Arts' scheme for a major new cultural facility in the Gardens has full planning permission and 75% of its funding in place.  It allows the Gardens to be retained and regenerated at a fraction of the cost to the environment and the public purse of Sir Ian's scheme. 

The Civic Square involves the felling of around 100 trees (including elms up to 200 years olf) and the loss of an historic park.  It will be impossible to plant mature trees on the Civic Square as there will be nowhere for their roots to grow. 

The Civic Square violates all guidelines on planning and green public spaces.  It would potentially require compulsory purchase orders for Belmont St properties.

It has a £90 million + funding gap and may need to introduce a new local tax to cover its costs.

Peacock's scheme will welcome over 200,000 visitors per year and bring £5 million annually into the local economy.  Peacock is a local charity, their new arts centre would retain the gardens providing disabled access, baby changing and cafe facilities as well as activites for including dance, music, art, education and community activities. 

If you support the Gardens and the Arts Centre please visit the website www.thecitysquareproject.com and say 'No'  to the City Square on the questionnaire, and sign the petition at www.iloveutg.org.' 

(from a brochure handed out on campus by the Iloveutg group)


Barb said...

Must say, that would be a crying shame. I love the pics we took in UTG! It's so pretty!

Amie Vaughan said...

i know, right? i can't believe it's even an option, when there is something already in place to keep it as-is and all... sheeesh.