Wednesday 18 March 2009

Two's Company...

Comedy duos are nothing new. They have been around making people laugh for decades, at least. It isn't too surprising, then, that several of the best known and loved British comedy acts are, in fact, duos. Yesterday you saw the end of an era with the last of French and Saunders in Mama Mia! Today, I'd like to introduce you, if you don't already know them, to a couple more couples.

Mitchell and Webb, whom you have already met half of in the Flashdance post. I first saw them in the UK version of the Mac v. PC commercials, and then in a film, and then discovered their two shows. They are, to me, consistently funny. Some of the others are hit or miss, but these guys for the most part make me laugh every time.

Armstrong and Miller were a pair I was unfamiliar with until the Children in Need charity show last fall, where they did a WWII sketch that cracked me up. They used to have a sketch show on tv, but I haven't seen them. However, I have loved everything I've seen them do on the charity do's.

Little Britain
is a sketch comedy show featuring Matt Lucas and David Walliams, who play all the roles. They have done an American version, and I think the British version shows on some American stations... so you may know them. Their comedy is often too crude or too harsh for me, although it is growing on me.

Catherine Tate you've already met opposite David Tennant, and although she is not a duo, she is important to this post. In her sketch show, she plays multiple roles (similar to Little Britain), and I feel the same about her comdey as I do about theirs... but some of her characters are growing on me, as well.

What's better than a comedy duo? TWO comedy duos, together! Or, a comedy duo plus another comedienne! Three is not a crowd, and four is hilarious! So here you go, two more bits from comedy pairings... all for charity. =D First up is Mitchell and Webb, the decorated ones, with Armstrong and Mitchell, the neds (or chavs... which you might recognise is the same social status as Catherine Tate in her earlier appearance). And second is Little Britain with Catherine Tate-- the characters speak for themselves, even if you don't know them already.

Only a couple more to share... tomorrow's the last day of comedy from me. I know, you're so sad you can hardly stand it. ;)

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