Wednesday 7 April 2010

(not) my office

Liz is very good to me.  She invites me to work with her in her office... at Joe's desk.  He's not there, so he can't complain.  =D
 Being somewhere different is often quite helpful.  I think it's just psychological, but a change of scene brings me a change of focus, or confidence, or something.  I work well in a routine, but I work even better when I occasionally get out of my routine.  The attic office serves that purpose very well.  Plus, it's good to work with a friend who is doing the same thing.  That friend would be Liz, although Harriet is also great for morale:
And Stephen is just so cool:
I know that I couldn't be doing what I'm doing without God-- so having purple sparkly Jesus there is another bonus for keeping me focused:
We are the madwomen in the attic, Liz and me, when we work in the office together.  Good times, I tell ya.

Bwah ha ha ha!  Cackle cackle!  Heh. 


Jennie B said...

You are a madwoman!

Amie V said...

it's true. i'm finally coming out... of the attic. hehehe!