Monday, 2 June 2008

Because Monday Needs Some Humour In It

Because I've seen some that have made me laugh lately, here is more proof that we do better adverts here than the States. Less of them, and better. Woot! For a tv addict like me, that is a very good thing. ;)

If you don't know Thunderbirds, you should totally check them out. I mean, classic. Which is what makes this advert so fantastic. =D

What?! A beer advert, with no boobs or bikinis? What's going on here! I love our beer adverts. They are almost as funny as Red Stripe-- Hooray, Beer!

I first saw this one in the cinema, and it is seriously one of the coolest adverts ever. And, incidentally, the most expensive advert ever made by this company. See if you can guess what it's for before the end... I couldn't.

And finally, for my good friend Nathan, on his birthday today: the essence of Scotland. The first time I saw this, I thought to myself, Self, you need to send that to Nathan-- I bet he'll love it! Some of you may have to listen to it a few times to figure out what they are saying... let me know if you need a translator! ;) Happy Birthday, Nathan! I hope you love it! =D


Jennie B said...

Pretty funny, I don't think they beat my favorite commercials (as seen here:

but they definitely have more thought put into them and are technically more advanced.

I can totally see why that is the most expensive commercial ever...what was that for Coke?

Amie Vaughan said...

Your adverts (especially the DQ one, and Meatloaf) made me laugh, but they aren't nearly as quality as these. I mean, these things took work! And money! And they are awesome! =D

Nope, not Coke... keep guessing!

I just realised, though, that all four of my adverts are for drinks, lol. I didn't plan it that way....

Jennie B said...

Hey Older Kitchenaide (I mean Sibling)! I keep checking back hoping someone else will tell me what that commerical is for. LOL, surely its not another Irn Bru. I can't figure it out. One Heineken, one Irn Bru, and It looked like a coca cola to me but I will just have to keep watching it again.

I can't believe you went a whole day ignoring my blog! I mean, I wrote about Troy and you couldnt' chime in any memories? LIke that time I complained the whole walk back to G and P's house. LOL.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Amie, these are terrific. I think you should post some more in the future, as they were very entertaining :)

Sorry I've been so AWOL lately; just trying to get through the school year. 2.5 days to freedom (and time to read your blog; I miss it!!)

Amie Vaughan said...

Since no one else has guessed... it's for Guiness. Yum! ;)