Friday, 27 June 2008

Summer Holiday, The Finale

I don't really want to talk about the house, or the trampoline we bought, or how hard we had to work, or the driving around we did, or the walking to the ice cream shop, or the town they live in, or the nearby drive in... no. I only want to talk about the bubbee. Because he was the main reason I decided to go home, after all.

I have been so broke ever since then, but it was totally worth it! Bubbee is just so much fun, and spending five weeks with him was wonderful. He had just started walking when I got there, and he just never stopped!
He is a thrill-seeking little guy, and in short order was not only walking, but running, climbing, and jumping off everything. One of his favourite games rather quickly became getting one of us (most often me, ha) to spin him, either by his arms or in our arms... he loved it so much! Once was just not enough, and he developed a way to let us know he wanted to go again: if we were swinging him by his arms, he would pick one leg up cocked at the knee, as if to say 'both legs up again, please!' If we were spinning him in our arms, he would throw his weight around to the side, effectively saying 'around again, please!' I would always say 'one... two... three... go!' so that it got to where, before I'd even hit three, he was laughing and clinging on, ready to whiz around as fast as I could go! He's got the greatest laugh... it's totally infectious. And he's always smiling....
Speaking of smiling, he's not only always smiling, but he keeps us laughing a lot, as well. Some of the things he does are just priceless... like whacking his mom on the top of her head whenever he is on her shoulders. Now, Jen probably doesn't find it so funny, and I suppose it probably hurts a tad. It cracks me up, though! (Sorry, sis!)
He also started doing these very intense poses while I was there... I'm not sure where he picked it up, or why, but he would just clench his fists and his jaw, with his eyes wide open, and then just laugh and laugh... we laughed with him, of course. We called it his Hulk Hogan expression.
When he was a baby, he would sleep with his arms up alongside his head. Someone joking called it his 'Pentecostal Pose', so whenever he would throw his arms up in the air (which he quickly learned would make my sister laugh) Jen would say, 'Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!' or similar. While I was there, he began (when he felt like it, of course) to throw his arms up in the air whenever someone said 'Hallelujah!' One of the funniest times was in church, during a visit to my grandmother: his juice cup had squawked loudly (not the bubbee's fault, poor thing) during the high note in the soloist's rendition of 'The Lord's Prayer', and Jen and I were struggling to keep from bursting out laughing. So a little while later, Jen whispers in his ear, *Hallelujah!*, to which he joyfully throws his arms up in the air! It was awesome... I thought I was going to die of suppressed laughter. Of course, he only does it when he feels like it, the stubborn boy...
He also just has so much personality. He's very charming, and has never met a stranger.
He loves to play and laugh, and *talks* up a storm, even though we couldn't understand a word of it, ha! He is a very laid back little dude...
and lets us do silly (and by silly, I mean 'mean') things to him, like curl his hair
and stick stuff to him
and goad him into playing at the table.
But not only is he sweet and wonderful and fun when he's awake, but he's just adorable when he's asleep, as well. Somewhere along the way, we left his 'wookee' (my sister's messed up attempt at naming his blanket after the Mister Mom reference)... so I let him borrow my bear to sleep with. Bubbs and Noah seemed to get along just fine....
As great as he is when he is asleep, getting him to slow down enough to fall asleep for his nap is often challenging. The Funkee Unkee has a golden voice, however, and could lull the boy into sleep... as well as keep him entertained while awake (so Jen and I could paint the sitting room and his bedroom).
Ah, my bubbee. I love being Cool Auntie Amie, and spoiling him as much as possible. I wish I could spoil him with even more time and attention, but he already gets as much of that as I can give. I didn't even see my parents when I went home this time-- only bubbee (and his parents, of course)! I love my bubbee.
I should also mention that I got to see a few other people while I was home, and it was lovely to see them. We went down to visit my grandmother and great aunt one weekend, which was good. I have flown in and out of my grandmother's city several times to and from Scotland, but it had been a year since I'd seen her. Obviously, the 'unkee' came up to visit us, where he was deemed by my sister the *Funkee Unkee*. It was good to have him, not just because it was good for me to see him after a year, but also because of how well he fit in with the rest of us. The bubbee seemed to enjoy him, and even Jen liked him! *shock* =D I also got to see Jason, but you already know that if you've been reading along. Finally, and perhaps the biggest treat for me, was getting to spend the weekend with my *Aberdeen Asbury* family, who have all deserted me for the greener pastures of Michigan (go figure). It was really hard on me, losing all my 'family' in a manner of months, and rather unexpectedly in some cases. So to get to see them, and spend the weekend playing darts with Nathanael, and frisbee on the grass, and generally just hanging out with Tom and Sarah, Rich and Lorie, Nathanael and Autumn... it was awesome. I miss y'all! I guess I'll have to consider moving to Michigan next... espeically now that Brian and Nicole are going to be there, too! ;)

It was so hard for me to leave my bubbs and come back home. He grows and changes so fast, and now it's been nearly a year since I've seen him. AND I have a brand new niece to meet... I can't wait to get home, and write more of these posts about just about my favourite subject: being Cool Auntie Amie! Jen, hug the bubbs and duckee for me, and tell them I'll be there soon! =D


Barb said...

I loved that first picture of the bubbee. how cute! I know you enjoyed your time home, and you'll enjoy it doubly this time, because you'll have two kiddos to love on.

Jennie B said...

man you aren't even gonna recognize the bubs when you see him at the airport (if he makes it with me!) he has changed so much!

That was a good trip down memory lane, its sad to see how much he has changed, but great as well. KWIM?

Sigh, less than a month and you will be here.

Masimba Tyrranus said...

Yeah, the Bubbs is one fantastic guy. As an outsider, I can attest to how awesome he is. Can't wait to see him again now that he has the beginnings of an entourage.