Monday, 23 June 2008

Summer Holiday, Part II

First off, I need to say that many of the photos I use here, especially if they have me in them, came from Barb. She takes lots of photos, and good photos. If I ever graduate, or get married, or do anything else photo-worthy, I hope she'll be my photographer! Thanks, Barb, for letting me steal your photos!

Once it was play time, we didn't waste any time! I mainly did things with Barb, fitting in all we could in her last few weeks. We did some of the typical Aberdeen stuff-- the Marischal College museum, the Art Museum, wandering downtown. We went out to Torry Battery (a fortification on the harbour from 1860) to try and see the dolphins playing in the harbour... but they were only teasing us. We saw a few fins, but no frolicking. Silly dolphins! We spent time in several of the local parks (Union Terrace, Seaton, and Duthie), and climbed down to see the Brig o' Balgownie (purported to be from the time of Robert the Bruce). We even saw a few films (the thirds of both Shrek and Pirates). Most of our days were... interesting... outside, in the wind and rain and sun and clouds-- all in the same day, quite often!
Me outside Torry Battery
The Brig o' Balgownie
A very windy day
Union Terrace Gardens, looking up at His Majesty's Theatre
Looking back towards Aberdeen, at the harbour entrance

The best day out for me (though not necessarily for Barb-- she sprained her ankle) was the one we spent hiking to Slains Castle from the Bullers of Buchan. It was awesome! We caught the bus up to Buchan and walked out to see the Bullers, which used to be a sea cave, but the roof fell through. Now this is what you get:

From there, we hiked around the cliffs to wind up at Slains. It's a ruin, and not owned by any of the preservation groups (at least it wasn't, at the time), so we were free to just wander around. I loved it! It is right out on the cliffs, surrounded by fields and sea... I would love to live there. But I'd have to put a roof on, first, and then run electricity and water, of course! It's one of my favourite places so far, and we took loads of photos. I'll just include a few here, but if you want to see more, let me know and I'll post 'em. Gladly. =D We had the whole range of weather that day, too... from being so warm we took off our jackets, to being drenched by the rain, to the sun out and beautiful again. The weather is so funny here, but at least you can see it coming....
Barb hiking through the jungle. Or the weeds on the cliffside.
Slains, from the sea side.
Weather coming in, looking towards Slains and the sea.
Me, with the changing weather behind me...

Next up, our West Coast trip... me and Barb and Laurie, six days in a car, a different bed each night, three islands plus the mainland-- what a trip!


Barb said...

Even though I sprained my ankle (darn rabbits!), I'll agree that the Bullers to Slains walk was one of my favorite days. And hey, you take pretty great pics yourself.

Oh, as for being the photographer for graduation - you pay for my flight over, and I'll gladly oblige! :)

Amie Vaughan said...

Um. I'll have to see what I can do. Would you mind coming over in a freighter? I can probably afford that. ;)

Filip said...

Wow... lovely photos!! It might be a wonderful vacation trip.