Saturday, 21 June 2008

Just Do What She Asks...

...and we can all walk away. No one has to get hurt here. Really. Just do what she asks, and we'll all be happy. Please. Just go here, and do this. We can all get out of this, if we just give her what she wants.


No, really. My sister has entered my bubbee into a photo contest, and you can vote for him. The details are on her blog, and we would all appreciate it if you would take a few minutes (it really doesn't take long at all) and rate and recommend him. Because he's just so cute, he oughtta be in pictures. And she won't kill anyone if you don't... but best not to make her angry. Trust me on that one. ;)

Machais '08! The campaign has begun. =D

1 comment:

Jennie B said...

Thank You everyone who helps recommend him! How cool to have a Cover Model in the family!