Monday 13 September 2010

Mini-Break and Maxi-Dog

Way back in May, I took a long weekend for a mini-break to stay with Paige.  This time, though, she wasn't in Alva... she was in Auld Reekie.  The Capitol.  Edinburgh.

Nope, she didn't move.  She has a friend at Stirling Uni who lives in Edinburgh, and has a monster dog.  Hazel.  She's seriously scary... or her tongue is, anyway.  It's faster than the speed of light, I swear.  Other than that, and her need to tear up with her teeth every growing thing she sees, she's a sweet puppy.  So Paige was there flat- and dog-sitting, and as she had just finished a major presentation for uni, she was totally up for a weekend of some fun.  And Papa John's pizza.

Oh, Papa John.  I wish you were here in Aberdeen.  But you aren't.  So I have to go to Edinburgh to get you.  Paige and I had a perfect plan:  delivery.  Because they SAY they deliver.  And there are two different branches.  It's a big city, sure, but not that big, surely.  Ha.  How wrong we were.  They don't deliver to where we were.  Pretty much if you aren't in a one-mile radius of their store, you can't get delivery.  Which is flippin' ridiculous. Our dinner plans were thwarted by their dastardly delivery deviousness... so we went to Waitrose and bought a for-two curry dinner.  It was delish.

The next day we were determined to get our pizza.  We spent the day in the city, at the Elephant House for coffee and studying and wandering around.  Then we walked out to where the PJs is... about a fifteen minute walk from Princes Street.  Not too bad.  The plan: get our pizza take-away to-go and then get a bus back to the flat.  First part worked fine.  Got our pizza (two of them, actually), and headed back to a bus that would take us home.  Part two didn't really work out so well.  Apparently you aren't allowed to take food on a bus.  Really?  Because I see people eating on buses all the time.  But this driver wouldn't let us on.  Grrrrrrr.  Here we are, walking around the capitol in the chilly May evening with two big pizza boxes, not to mention all our other bags.  Now what?!  I was ticked.  Seriously ticked.  Paige decided we'd just get bags to put the pizza in... which we did.  At Whittard's.  She bought a pretty reuseable bag that fit her pizza, and got the sales person to give her the biggest plastic carrier bag they had, which *just* fit my huge pizza.  On the bus we got.  Finally.

By the time we got to the flat, the pizza was no longer hot.  But does that matter?  Not so much.  PJs is just as good cold, and we had a microwave to zap it if we wanted it hot.  What did matter, however, was the fact that they forgot to put in the garlic butter dip. WHAT?!  Oh good grief.  I could not believe it.  On top of the rest of the disaster, that was the final straw.  Papa John, you have some serious making-up to do to me if you want me to love you like I used to.  I'm so disappointed in you.

Other than the pizza debacle, and the monster dog, we wandered around the nice suburb where we were staying.  There's a big private school there that Hogwarts could have been partly modeled on.  And there is a big park with a pond and lots of water birds and a gorgeous view of the city.  We saw swans, and mallards, and other birdies whose names I don't know.  We enjoyed the sunset, and the walk.  It was lovely.

Mostly we just hung out and laughed a lot.  It's just what happens when we get together. 

All of the photos can be found in my All Around Amie site here.  (If for some reason you can't access it, let me know and I'll send you an official invite.  Hopefully it'll just let you in.)

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