Saturday 18 September 2010

Pleasure Princesses

While at Paige's place, there are far more touristy places we can get to than from Aberdeen.  Since we all four have Historic Scotland memberships, we decided to take advantage of that fact, and we headed out to spend the day at Linlithgow, formerly the royal pleasure palace.

It was fabulous.

They have the oldest working fountain in Scotland (or maybe all of Britain, I can't remember for sure), and it's a wedding-cake style with loads of carved figures.  They also have lots and lots of staircases, some of which now lead nowhere.  We definitely got our exercise that day.  The view from the top is worth the climb, though.

We popped into the local kirk, which is also lovely (except for it's bizarre metal spire, that's supposed to represent the crown of thorns but is, in fact, just plain ugly).  Even better, there was a rehearsal going on for the National Youth choir (or something like that... I can't remember their exact name).  It was amazing.  They had a great repertoire-- many of which I knew, which made it great, of course.  =)

We ruled that palace, we four pleasure princesses.


Barb said...

I remember Linlithgow. You're right, the metal on top of the kirk is bizarre and ugly, but the castle is lovely. We climbed every single tall staircase, not knowing that some of them led nowhere. We also saw a wedding there.

Now that you're posting about all your adventures, you're making me miss Scotland more and more!

Amie V said...

it's making it harder to think about possibly having to leave, posting all these things. you should just come back, and then i'd have to stay. =D