Wednesday 15 September 2010

What Not To Wear?

Right, friends.  I need some help.  What should I wear to my viva?  My sister has told me I dress like a grandma.  Luckily I've got friends with great fashion sense who give me clothes they don't wear often.  So I have choices... I just don't know what goes together, or what goes with me.  So I need your help. 

Here are the options (or mix and match between what I put together, because I can't be bothered to take photos of every single permutation):
 These trousers are a little itchy.  They're linen, but they feel like wool.  And they show off what my grandma always refers to as my 'child-bearing hips'.  She means it as a positive thing.  I think.  I would not wear them with a shirt tucked in like this, though... that was just to show the trousers. 
Those are all the same trousers... just different shirts.  Obviously. 
Please ignore the fact that I'm wearing a green tank that doesn't really go with everything.  I do have different colours, and will match them appropriately to whatever I end up wearing.  I just couldn't be bothered with changing all my undergarments everytime. 
Modelling is obviously not my calling in life. 
I'm not really as mad as I look... the dang cat kept getting in the way and knocking over my camera.  It's not easy to do this all with a self-timer. 
This is a skirt.  A long, slinky, floor-length skirt. 
Yes.  I need to iron half these things.  I just couldn't be bothered doing it first, and besides, the iron and board are in Kenny's room.  So pretend I'm nicely pressed, please.
Same linen trousers as above, but different brown shirt here and below. 
These are fuzzy velvety trousers.  I like them.  They feel nice. 
That skirt is purple.  Like, a very nice plum.  It's lovely, although it doesn't come out so well in these amateurish photos.  That photographer isn't getting a pence for them. 
Clothes sizes crack me up.  This skirt is a 12, and it fits better than some of the 14s and 16s above.  And that's not because they are too big, either.  Weird.
I also have an orange shirt that matches this:
For this and the next dress, I do have sweaters to wear over them.  It's not quite that warm here anymore. 
This is probably my favourite dress I've owned in years.  I love it.  Love it, love it, love it.  But that doesn't mean it's right for this.  I just have to make it an option.  =)
Ignore the jeans;  it's the top I'm adding into the mix.  Cos I like it. 

So.  What's the call?  What should I wear?  And what should I never, ever put on again and find a new home for immediately?  If there is something like that, I need to know it.  I can take it.  Just be nice.  =)


Barb said...

I like the light-brown skirt and green turtleneck in photo #8. The skirt looks like it's about knee length. It's a cute look. Go with that one, in my opinion, but only if you feel comfortable in it, because you're going to be uncomfortable enough that day without throwing a wrong clothing decision into the mix. That's my advice, for whatever it's worth. :)

Holloway Clan said...

I like the green knit top with the three-quarter length sleeves and the pink knit top (not the button-down one). Both are extremely flattering. For bottoms, I would say go with whatever is the most comfortable. I couldn't really see the purple skirt, but I like the idea of pairing the green top and purple skirt. Could work really well. Will be praying for you!

Amie V said...

hmmmmm... thanks. i'll take these under advisement. =)

Jennie B said...

You better like that last top! Looks like one I bought for you! :).