Friday 24 September 2010


For many of you, this is old news.  You heard it back when it happened, either on ViewFinder (this is the link to this story on my photo-a-day blog) or Facebook.  For the rest of you, and for posterity's sake here on True Aim, I'll say it again.

We lost Thomas, our older sweet kitty, pretty suddenly.  He's had some health issues over the past year or so, but didn't seem to be doing too badly, considering he was sixteen-- and had a very annoying younger brother.  Kenny and I had taken him to the vet on a Friday night, they kept him overnight, and called Kenny back on Saturday to put him down.  We miss him a lot around here.  Still.

Especially Dillon.  He whines all the time now, and wants to be right where you are-- even more than before.  It's sweet when he wants to be all cuddly... but I can't do anything without him right there.  In the kitchen.  In the bathroom (I shoo him out first).  In my bedroom (when he's fast enough to race in before I can catch him).  In the lounge.

The problem is, when I was trying desperately to finish my thesis, he kept wanting to be on my lap.  Where my laptop was.  That doesn't work so well.  Now it's times like now, or when I'm reading, that he's really in the way.  Once he settles down beside me, I don't mind so much... but until he settles, he's a pain.  Quite literally.  He has claws, and dang, they hurt!

Kenny keeps threatening to get another cat to keep Dill company, but I'm not sure I can handle another.  I can barely handle this one! 

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Barb said...

Brodie has literally pushed my laptop OFF my lap in order to take its place. I think he's jealous, lol. Poor Thomas, what a sweet boy. Dillon's sweet too, just in a different way. Enjoy him! And tell him hi from Auntie Barb in Texas ;)