Tuesday 21 September 2010

Thesis-Writing Picnic

We haven't had as great a summer as last year, but we've had some wonderful days.  This was one of them.

I honestly can't remember what else was going on, or why I was dressed up.  Maybe it was just because it was so gorgeous... either way, I wound up meeting Liz at her office in the afternoon.  I loaded up some goodies-- coffee, kool-aid, chocolate, snacks-- and took two blankets down so we could sit in her office back garden to study.  It was way too nice to be inside.  So we sat and lounged around in the secret garden, soaking up the sun and the coffee, and even getting some work done.  It was so warm, we actually had to move to the shade after a while. I've been jealous enough of Liz's office, but this was the final straw.  Luckily she's nice enough to have let me work in her attic office as well as in her back garden office.  Not to mention Khyber Pass nights in the common room....

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