Thursday 16 September 2010

Narnia, aka Stirling University

Who knew?  ;)

The three of us girlies in Aberdeen went down in late May to visit Paige in Alva-- largely so we could all watch Eurovision together (more on that tomorrow).  Since none of us had really seen much of her new uni, we forced her to take us on a tour-- which was great, because she hadn't seen most of it, either.  =)

Stirling University is a fairly new Scottish university, all things considered, and the architecture leaves much to be desired.  The setting, however, is breathtaking.  We'd all noticed it on the bus between Stirling and Alva, but none of us had wandered around it.  We had gorgeous weather, and needed to be home in time for Eurovision, so it was a perfect day to wander in the great outdoors on campus.  The postbox says it's Narnia, and we believed it!  We found lots of gorgeousness, hidden glens and cottages, tumble-down cemetaries, and more.

After spending time out on campus, Paige showed us around her office and her building.  They have a great collection of Scottish art... which wasn't there.  Ha.  They had several things up in other places, and we got to enjoy it.  Plus Paige showed us the window she gets to design in the entryway with all the other art, when it's at home.  And her office... dang.  Bunnnies galore cavorting just outside, and a view of the Wallace Monument.  Lovely.  Makes being in the office not so bad when you have beauty and distration so readily available.  ;)

And we had a good time with each other.  Although I'm sure you can't tell that from the photos.


Paige M Medlock, PhD said...

Narnia is amazing. I'm so glad to have friends make me explore outside of my office and see what's on the other side of the postbox. Now I frequent Narnia and my life is improved greatly :) Saturday I found a labyrinth, and it was a wonderful place to get lost...
Thanks for your post/pics, and thanks again for the Alva / Eurovision / fish & chips / Narnia visit!

Barb said...

That place is gorgeous! When I come visit you because you've passed your viva, been allowed to stay in the UK, and I've finally saved enough money to travel again, will you take me there?! :)

Amie V said...

paige, it is our pleasure, really. i'm hoping for a repeat next year! =D

barb, definitely! we'll go visit paige. =D