Wednesday 29 September 2010

The Famous Alva Highland Games!

While I was in Alva, they held the 153rd (I think) Famous Alva Highland Games.  So of course I went.

It rained.  All day.  And it was cooooold.  I was frozen through and quite damp by the time I left to get fish 'n chips to watch the World Cup semi-finals (Uruguay was playing, and my World Cup crush plays for them).  The rain meant that the crowds were small, and that the Highland Dancing and piping got moved indoors somewhere... I never heard where, though.  I watched all the heavy events, which were interesting considering how wet everything was.  Only one guy even got the caber to flip over, which was disappointing.  I think the contestants were all annoyed with the rain, too.  It can't be very nice to be throwing deadly things around without a good grip.

I still enjoyed watching them, and there were a few I remembered from last year's events.  I also watched all the footraces, the hillrace, and the cycle races.  The hillrace was crazy... they ran all the way up to the top of the hillfoot behind us and back down-- the fastest one in just over 20 minutes!  That would be an all day event for me, and they were running it.  Mad.

I took some photos, of course.  They are here

The videos, in case you didn't notice, are in no real order.  I just stuck 'em in places.  =)


Holloway Clan said...

The photos are lovely. I particularly enjoyed the ones of the bloke with the Superman logo in the colors of the St. Andrew's saltire. Classic. Glad to see these men were wearing something under their kilts ;)

Amie V said...

thanks, becky... i loved his superman shirt as well. and was likewise glad for the athletic shorts. last year at braemar we saw a guy wearing a red speedo underneath... which caused some giggles. =D